STREETSBORO, Ohio (WKBN) — Sherrod Brown says the solution to the nationwide walkout by the United Auto Workers could be resolved quickly, as soon as the Big Three car companies give employees what they’re asking for.

Brown joined striking workers in the Streetsboro area Friday afternoon to show his support.

He says executives with both General Motors and Chrysler’s parent company Stellantis are making many times what rank and file workers are making now, after employees helped save both companies years ago when they went into bankruptcy and needed bailing out.

“These companies are prosperous because these workers did the major, major givebacks to the company. So this company owes them a lot more than they’re offering at the bargaining table. It’s really that simple,” Brown said.

The union expanded its walkout on Friday to encompass 38 parts-making facilities across the country that supply GM and Stellantis.

Union leaders say they spared Ford from additional pickets after that company agreed to more of the UAW’s demands.