YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – We are past the official start of the fall season, and our early morning temperatures are getting cooler. A little taste of fall is already here. It won’t be too much longer until the snowflakes start popping back into the forecast as we push through the fall season.

This article is not an expected forecast, but it is a guide to show you when it typically starts to snow around Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Right now, there is no snow in the near future.

Does it snow in Youngstown, Ohio, during September?

It is rare to see a September snowfall across Ohio and Pennsylvania. It has happened, but only eight times in recorded history. A trace of snow was measured each time.

Below is a list of years that a trace of snow was measured during September in Youngstown, Ohio.

Year Snowfall Recorded in Youngstown, OhioAmount of Snow
1949 Trace
1953 Trace
1956 Trace
1970 Trace
1983 Trace
1990 Trace
1994 Trace
1998 Trace
Recorded snowfall in September in Youngstown, Ohio

The normal snowfall in September does not even register as a measurable number when looking at climatology. It is only a trace that has fallen in years past.

Youngstown, Ohio has not picked up at least a trace of snow since 1998. That means it has been 25 years since it has snowed in Youngstown, Ohio, during September!

A look at when we could see our first snow of the season

We already know that September does not send much snow our way and that it has been 24 years since we picked up at least a trace of snow during the month here in Youngstown, Ohio.

October is typically a different story. October throws more snowfalls our direction as the air starts turning colder and storms start sweeping in northwest wind across the warmer Lake Erie. Lake Effect season begins to take shape across our region.

Of course, the snow season ramps up as the temperatures get colder through fall and into the winter.

Youngstown, Ohio – Longest and shortest snow season

The season length of snowfall is defined as the number of days between the first and last snowfall.

The shortest snowfall season was in the winter of 1958/1959 with 119 days.

The longest snowfall season was in the winter of 2015/2016 with 210 days.

These records only go back to 1934.

The Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport typically gets 67.8 inches of snow each year.

When was the earliest recorded snowfall?

The earliest “first” recorded snowfall (0.1″ or greater) in Youngstown was on Oct. 2, 2003.

As noted earlier, we have not received measurable snowfall before this date with only a trace recorded eight times in September through recorded history.

If you were wondering how late the latest “first” recorded snowfall (0.1″ or greater) in Youngstown was, it was on Dec. 11, 1995.

Back to October snow information:

There are only two days during the month of October that DO NOT have at least a trace of snowfall recorded during the month in Youngstown, Ohio. The fifth and the 14th both show up with 0.0″ in snowfall through recorded history. The rest of the month has at least a trace of snow, or greater, each day.

The day that currently holds the record for the highest amount of snow on an October day is Oct. 31, 1993. That day, 5.1 inches of snow fell!

Below you will find a chart with the TOP 5 Snowfalls during October in Youngstown, Ohio

Date of Snowfall Recorded in Youngstown, OhioAmount of Snow
October 31, 19935.1
October 25, 1962 3.8″
October 19, 19923.0″
October 30, 1993 2.6″
October 24, 1962 1.9″
Top 5 Highest Recorded snowfall per day in Youngstown, Ohio during October

The most snow that fell during the month of October was in 1993. That year, 7.7 inches fell. This created a snowy Halloween locally!

October’s Normal Snowfall is 0.7″ in Youngstown, Ohio.

Normal Amount of Snowfall and Record each Month in Youngstown, Ohio:
Jan. 19.6″ (Record=36.4″ in 1999)
Feb. 15.1″ (Record=36.3″ in 2010)
March 10.5″ (Record=30.9″ in 1993)
April 2.6″ (Record=14.8″ in 2005)
May 0.0″ (Record=5.4″ in 1966)
June 0.0″ (Record=Trace in 1955, 1998, 2013)
July 0.0″
Aug. 0.0″
Sep. 0.0″ (Record=Trace in 1949, ’53, ’56, ’70, ’83, ’90, ’94, ’98)
Oct. 0.7″ (Record=7.7 in 1993)
Nov. 4.5″ (Record=30.6 in 1950)
Dec. 14.8″ (Record=53.1″ in 2010)
Total: 67.8″