CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A local spa isn’t just about being beautiful on the outside, but about feeling healthy and beautiful on the inside while using unique, advanced treatments

“We incorporate skincare and different therapies that are different than a normal spa,” said Mallori Duvall, Chief Esthetic Officer. “We’re more of a hybrid spa. A place you can come to during the day on your lunch break, get services done, and go about your business.”

And there are more services offered than what meets the eye. Some of the more popular ones include skin tag removal, clinical facials, acne treatment, pelvic floor rehab, age management, microdermabrasion, stretch mark coverup, sauna sessions and so much more.

The spa even offers permanent makeup, a method Duvall has studied for seven years and has engaged in a broad spectrum of training across the country. She also teaches classes on permanent makeup and says it’s not something for just older people.

“We service people really anywhere from 18 years old to 98 years old,” said Duvall. “Predominantly our client base is from age 40 to 75 who can’t see to do their eyeliner anymore, can’t seem to find a color match, or are just sick and tired of putting their lipstick on.”

The spa also works with clients who suffer from alopecia or have gone through cancer treatments and have lost their eyebrows and eyelashes.

“We have services to enhance their look again and make them feel a little bit whole,” said Duvall. “We also do areola restoration for those who have gone through breast cancer.”

Beauty Rituals Med Spa also boasts two estheticians, a pelvic floor physical therapist, a lash technician, and has a penchant for remaining unique while remaining innovative.

“We love to always find new and unique things to bring to the valley,” said Duvall.

Beauty Rituals Med Spa is located at the Hilltop Plaza, 584 E. Main Street in Canfield. Call (330) 540-8892 and visit them online at