30 Aug So I recieved a copy of Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity a few days ago and I am totally blown away. I had ordered a copy of his Never. 28 Oct I did one of the strength workouts from Infinite Intensity yesterday; That’s not to say that you have to be training for long periods to use the 10 Jan been doing infinite intensity by ross enamait MIND=BLOWN. Brahs, this workout will make you its bitch. For the unaware, Ross enamait.

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If you are a non-believe check out his videos especially the new hardcore workout video, he’s insane.

Probably one of the best things about the book. This program will teach you how and why to incorporate strength training and conditioning, without allowing one objective to interfere with another. No, create an account now. Includes tips on just about every aspect important to an athlete. It is the best training book I’ve ever read, and infinote first I didn’t consider a waste of money.

Nov 06, Tom Roberts rated it it was amazing. Ross has a background in boxing so the focus is getting yourself in shape for combat sports. Other workouts are between minutes.

It’s good to put stress on your nitensity, but anything over an hour for me, anyway gets to be counterproductive. Its not the implement that enamaitt important, it is the hard assed work you put down and doing it in an inteligent and researched way that is important. I’m definitely going to have to check out some of Ross’s sources for further reading. Great chapter, loved learning about intensity and recovery, training multiple strength qualities like maximal strength vs.


More good stuff here in Never Gymless.


He gives alternatives he’s big on organic food to the poisonous products while still being realistic and not fanatical. But since doing them i’ve become a lot stronger and a lot more explosive.

Ross and his products are great. David rated it liked it Dec 04, So while I agree that sprints and intervals should be used, and yes there is such a thing as doing too much running, you can’t really argue with greats like those whose conditioning surpasses any boxers fighting right now that I can think of.

Art VandelaySep 28, Is it supposed to take that much time? For those that are unaware, Ross Enamait is a boxer and trainer. BrandoAug 31, Go with Infinite Intensity if you want to work weights into the mix, or his new one, Never Gymless if you want to go mostly equipment-free.

This topic has been covered completely by other authors, so once again, Ross has wisely left this out. This study confirmed that speed can be enhanced by supplementing your martial arts training with strength work and explosive isometrics Olsen, P. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dec 12, Doc Octagon rated it it was amazing. It’s not infinire same FAQ as in the book.

Infinite Intensity by Ross Enamait

Explosive strength also fades as the athlete dedicates all of his time towards strength endurance. I think the only thing I disagree infunite him on is he downplays, if not out and out excludes distance running opting for interval runs and wind sprints.

I’m a police officer, and several years ago I was getting a little tubby due to falling into sedentary habits, combined with shift work and a poor diet.


Strength, conditioning, core and more. Ross is quite strong he does one legged weighted squats! Definitely recommended for anyone involved in martial arts, boxing, ju-jitsu, or sports that have an anaerobic component. Jul 27, Messages: He then shifts his emphasis towards explosive strength. After serveral weeks of explosive strength training, he shifts gears yet again, this time towards strength endurance.

Infinite Intensity –

Share This Page Tweet. Just as I consider Starting Strength and Tactical Barbell top of the line, reliable, “go-to” strength training books – Infinite Intensity is the King of Conditioning programs. Great review, Mike, I agree about the nutrition section, too. Open Preview See a Problem? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Oct 10, Messages: You will benefit from his mindset alone. Allan rated it really liked it Mar 03, Spiral-boundpages. Perhaps I can give you a good sense of it by going through the table of contents with some thoughts and a few short excerpts page numbers in parens:.

I don’t care if your a world champion fighter or at an elite level of fitness, the enmait laid out in his books will kick your ass and take your conditioning to a new level.

Malcolm rated it really liked it Nov 20, On the days that i’m not in my gym fight training I usually follow one of his routines to fill the gap and they literally beat nitensity crap out of me.