4 May In addition to Carb Back-Loading(CBL), Kiefer has written a previous book titled The Carb Nite Solution. From his credentials and by listening to. Carb Back-Loading, The Carb Nite Solution, Shockwave Protocol, Transforming Recipes. 12 Dec Carb Back-Loading, created by Kiefer, is the most sophisticated, science-based The Carb Back-Loading book provides specific direction for YOUR specific goals. –David B. from Chillicothe, Ohio (writing in the DH forums).

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Open Preview See a Problem? In fact, I feel even better than on past diets that were meant to help me build muscle. What you will learn from Carb Back-Loading is how to choose your food and training time to amplify those signals and experiences backloadkng levels of strength, size, and fat loss.

Carb Back-Loading by John Kiefer

I think the book is a great resource and the author certainly makes sense of the science and I do not understand enough cadb disagree with this at a scientific level. My first goal was to see my abs. Thousands of Transformations Just Like These.

Eat Like a Pig. Training The X-Frame Protocols: I’m extremely cautious when it comes to any diet tweaking that can hurt my strength. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

As with so many of my female friends and family members, I thought I was fated to live with large-ish hips and thighs. While this is very appealing, even if if helps me lose fat and put on muscle, I would rather eat a “healthy carb” if there is such a thing. Amazon Please don’t advertise this as a free download to then redirect to an about page to buy the actual product,bait n switch. If you have any questions darb hesitate to call us!


kiffer Carb Back-Loading has essentially allowed me to hack my body to find out its true potential. The author believes this is not possible because of calorie partitioning but I found it to be the same as any other time of the day.

September 5, Latest Developer Update: Lists with This Book.

Carb Back-Loading Book Available Now

Turns out that a pear shape that gets kiefet with age is not a given after all. Put together correctly, these principles allow you to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Conventional wisdom preaches higher carbs at the start of the day; a truism which Kiefer argues is counterproductive because our body is more biologically attuned to burning fat at this time.

But with Carb Back-Loading, these results are typical. Recommended to Davor by: In 12 weeks I successfully went from a body weight of lb to lb, took my squat from lb to lb, my deadlift from lb to lb, and bavkloading gained one ounce of body fat during the process. Matt Fay rated it liked it Nov 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Carb Back-loading is easily my favorite nutrition strategy that I’ve ever kieer with. People who are doing heavy resistance training.

Perhaps even more important: Modulated Tissue Response MTR is the ability to tell some types of tissue in the body to grow while signalling other tissue to kieefr and die. I am happy to say that we are razor close to the release date. If you have any technical problems we would love to have our Tech Specialists help you out.


Perhaps the only downside to this book is that it is already outdated in certain segments and Carb Back-Loading 2. Boom is just a side effect of Carb Back-Loading.

: Carb Back Loading: Appstore for Android

My e-book includes a thorough review of Carb Nite as well, so when you backloadingg it, your understanding of Back-loading should be more complete. Eat like a pig.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I’m 41 years old and when I look at before and after shots, it actually looks like I’m reversing time. Tina rated it liked it Jul 06, On the plus side you can eat what you want for dinner every day and just need have breakfast and lunch within certain parameters although avoiding breakfast altogether is ideal.

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Carb Back-Loading 1.0

Carb Back-Loading keeps the mTOR pathway openstimulated and raging to trigger new muscular growth. Using the Carb Back-Loading approach to your meal intake and training, you will effectively learn how to turn carbs into a potent force for packing on muscle AND blasting off fat — NO calorie counting required.

Demetel Venegas rated it really liked it Nov 13, My morning consisted of coffee, cottage cheese, veggies, ground chuck, and nuts. Ojhn log book, measurements, and mirror don’t lie and I thank Carb Back-Loading for it. I started with a lean-down phase. So I’d love to say I designed it to be easy, but frankly, after reading kieger of metabolic research, I came to realize