Sri: Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama: Kaisika Puranam. Kaisika Puranam in Telugu. Uploaded by winode_sv The Commentary of this great historical event was graced by Swami Parasara Bhattar. It is translated . that I could help him in bringing out an English version of Kaisika promptly sent me a valuable publication in Tamil —Kaisika .. chapter of Varaha Puranam.

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And I will become a sinner who will never get Moksham from this cycle of births. You are commenting using your WordPress. Arunodhaya too impressed in the role of Lord Nambi disguised as a Brahmin. The Story Kaisika Puranam revolves round Nampaduvan, belonging to the Baanar family, his unflinching faith in Lord Nambi and how he was instrumental in liberating a Rakshasa from a curse.

Also, the Araiyar, through this Abhinayam, brought out an important historical information relating to the temple – that of Lord Siva being alongside Lord Nambi.

Thanks in advance, SrinivAsan. Caught by the demon, Nampaduvan pleads with him to allow him to go to the temple and observe the Ekadasi ritual, that of singing the Lord’s praise. Presenting the Kaisika Natakam in a lot more temples could go a long way in re-instilling, in us, the sense of values that Nambaduvan showcased to the world several centuries ago. The old man advised him to escape from the clutches of Rakshas by taking another route.

Temple, Travel and Sport: Kaisika Puranam in Thirukurungudi

Congrats on your kaixika at Thiru Kurungudi and also for taking it other Divya Desams. I have given him a promise and I have to fulfil it. And before dawn, he would leave the temple. Nampaduvan, the compassionate, acceded and the Brahmarakshas got release from its terrible body. Nampaduvan made a list of promises.

Even more to his surprise, Nambaduvan came close to the Rakshasha and offered himself as his prey. On the outskirts of this holy place, there lived a devotee who was born in a chandala family.


Through these promises, narrated beautifully in the Kaisika Puranam as part of this lengthy discussion between Nambaduvan and Brahmma Rakshasha, one comes to know of the different sins we commit every day in our lives as a result of not adhering to some of the basic values in life. Nampaduvan puransm the truth.

Tradition revisited

This article is closed for comments. You got to witness the Kaisika Natakam and Araiyar Sevai in person Herambanathan all the way from Thanjavur to present this dance drama every year on the Kaisika Ekadesi night. He followed it up with the Abhinayam of the Thiruvoi Mozhi Paasuram:. Are there any arrangements for accommodation in the village?

Every night, he would walk several miles to the Thiru Kurungudi Nambi temple, and for hours together would stand in front of the temple with a Veena in his hand and sing praise of Lord Nambi. After having spent the entire night possibly for the last time in front of Kurungkudi Nambi, he made his way back to the Rakshasha as promised. Notify me of new comments via email. Friday, December 4, Kaisika Puranam in Thirukurungudi. I hope to meet you and your friends in the coming years at this wonderful event.

His arrogance, as the all knowing, led him to miss a mantra in a Yagna and he was cursed to this current Rakshasha form by the Devas.

The clock had ticked to 2. In the next birth, he was born in a noble family who were Vishnu bhakthas and reached Paramapadam. On the way, Lord Nambi in the guise of an old man stopped Nampaduvan and asked him where he was going.

This is a story of a devotee of Sriman Narayana. Arunodhaya too impressed in the role of Lord Nambi disguised as a brahmin. It was the month of Karthigai between November 15th kasika December 15tha Shukla paksha Ekadasi the Ekadasi that falls before the full moon day, our singer fasted the whole day and was awake that night jagratha vritham.


On his way back, Lord Nambi, disguised as an old Brahmin, sought the reason for his rushing back purranam in contrast to his usually slow and thoughtful walk, and on hearing him out condemned Nambaduvan as a fool and offered protection from the Rakshasha. This extraordinary promise moves the Rakshasa and he lets Nampaduvan go. January 7, Author: Herambanathan all the way from Thanjavur to present this dance drama every year on Kaisika Pkranam night.

It is the eighteenth promise that finally moves the demon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please Email the Editor.

Printable version Jan 1, 2: Brahmma Rakshasha attains Moksham. When a yagyam is not done as prescribed in the Vedas, the doer becomes a Brahmarakshasa and Somasharma was one of them. Just before midnight, to the beating of drums emerged a huge demon like figure. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

December 11, While the entire portrayal was exemplary, it was the last scene – where he pleads with Piranam to relieve him from the curse of his previous birth and to help attain moksham – that brought tears to the eyes of the devotees and won him an ovation. As usual, he left with his veena when he was accosted by a Brahmarakshasa named Somasharma who was totally famished. Araiyar Sevai was followed by the recital of the Kaisika Puranam.

Tradition revisited – The Hindu

Gopi, an amateur artiste working as a Junior Assistant at Sastra University, Thanjavur, played the powerful role of the Brahma Rakshasa with ease. Thousands, many of whom were children, purannam had gathered at the Kaisika Mandapam waited with excitement to watch Kaisika Natakam. Equally commendable was the performance of Dr.