Like sudoku, there are many techniques in solving a kakuro puzzle. When the simple techniques don’t work, you will need to use a more complicated solving. Basic and advanced methods for solving Kakuro puzzles. This technique works especially well when intersecting a low-sum with a high-sum definition. An empty square that has all its neighbouring squares (either column or row) filled in can easily be solved. simply add together the corrsponding neighbouring .

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There are two rules— Use only the digits 1 to 9. Your puzzles are my on-line favorites. If you like Sudokuor are tired of it, Kakuro is for you!

So [Gb] must be either 1 or 2. We wish you good luck and lots of fun!

Kakuro techniques

Other games for your PC: This web page contains a general description of an method for solving Kakuro puzzles. Conclusion Practicing is the best way to see how this advice can be applied in actual Kakuro games.

Log in Become a member. Kakuro puzzles are all about special number combinations.

How to solve Kakuro

Also, we know that 9 cannot appear in Id, since it appears again in the solution of the column clue. I believe that would be a learning tool if all else fails. To find an unique solution in the null space we have to impose the rules of the game. No row or column of successive white cells can have a digit repeated. But keep in mind, in a Kakuro puzzle there is only one unique solution that will work successfully. So Gi is a linking square.

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However, this block crosses the in-five block in column f, which is still missing 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each white cell will eventually hold a value, and every clue is an instruction that says something like “this, this, and this value add up to so much”.

The in-four block in row 4 has two empty squares that sum up to 6. The clue in column H is 18 and has a 2 filled in already so the remainder involves the unique partition 16 2.

For the yellow cells highlighted above, there’s only one way of writing the sum: To each row we also give a name: If we are lucky, then several Type 1 inequalities will lead to an unique result. After all the free variables are identified, check whether there are simple sub-problems which can be eliminated.

If we choose 6 for square b5 then square a5 would also have to be 6 leaving 8 as the only possible candidate for square b5. Fill each cell in the grid with a single digit such that each row or column has the indicated sum without repeating a digit.

The clues specify the sum of the numbers in the row of successive white cells to the right or the column of successive white cells below. Su Doku Digg this Add to del. Also, is there a way to access the answers? Such a process of elimination gets better the more circumstantial evidence you have.

How to Solve Kakuro Puzzles

Now it is time to solve the eight simpler and smaller puzzles to which we have reduced this. Bearing in mind that a Kakuro puzzle has kakuo 1 solution, you should avoid any numbers which would create the patterns seen here. We give every column a name: You can easily convince yourself that you can figure out the values to be filled into the two squares which are circled in the picture alongside.


But before we do that, let’s polish off the one square whose kajuro we can write down without tricks. We are now left with two empty squares in column c which must sum up to 3.

Kakuro puzzles resemble crosswords which use numbers instead of words. Lone square An empty square that has solvng its neighbouring squares either column or row filled in can easily be solved.

Some unique intersections are listed earlier in this page. However, the block cannot be completely solved without solving the remainder of the puzzle. The number is the clue, and the subscript is the number of pieces it should be broken into. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. For example, if the above 27 in 4 crossed a 7 in 3, we could conclude that the gechniques in the intersection contained a 4.

Things You’ll Need Paper puzzle.