Find great deals on eBay for Kaleidescape in DVD and Blu-ray Players. Shop with confidence. Free Shipping. KReader E. The listed prices do not apply. List Price $ That’s where the Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player comes in. Here’s a full rundown of key specs per Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape is a name familiar to many as they’ve been producing Cons, Expensive, no Dolby Vision support, tied to their movie store and its pricing. titles on my AppleTV 4K, I simply get a list of titles from A-Z. I can’t.

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Everything Old is New Again. The one thing it does offer than Kaleidescape does not yet is voice search. Once there, users can buy titles and initiate downloads directly to their systems.

All the digital convenience with none of the compromise. However, that is more for really old systems generally 5Us from before they started including the unlimited playback with the server.

For general playback, setup is actually quite simple, though more advanced users can take the time to fine-tune the player’s output to their liking.

This is an expensive component and the build quality reflects that.

Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player

Works good, tested and is set to DHCP so it can be added to your network system easily. EBay doesn’t allow outsid That update is currently in beta testing and coming soon. SinceKaleidescape has represented the pinnacle product line of the movie server category. On the one hand, streaming services provide extra convenience, transmitting titles directly into a user’s home without any trips to the store.


Kaleidescape Strato Ultra HD Movie Player Review –

The company that has become synonymous with the high-end movie server spent its early years battling the movie studios over its DVD-based server systems. Kaleidescape supports download speeds of more than megabits per second, and your results will definitely vary based on your ISP and network.

The titles you download, being the same as the physical disc, are quite large with an average around GB in size. While technically insignificant, my unit was serial number This is the Grandfathered system so you will kaleidescaep need to keep the disc once the movie is loaded and can Booting the system from standby can take a few seconds but the load time is never problematic.

Only the number panel and color keys lack backlighting, but you really aren’t gonna use those much. K Optical Drive Replacement You would have to have a pretty serious aversion to owning discs to choose this over one of the UHD blu ray players that cost a fraction as much. With that said, customers with slower internet connections or strict ISP bandwidth throttling might think differently.

What Our Customers Say

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. The description of the selected title comes up and the titles around it are now similar titles.

British Home Theater and Hi-fi: This alone makes the price almost irrelevant. The prices seem pretty much the same though. This includes kalidescape very handy HDMI capability and status test, which provides a detailed rundown of the source video signal’s attributes kist, color gamut, frame rate, dynamic range, chroma, etc.

Since then, things have been fairly quiet on the public front, but Kaleidescape has continued to build up its Movie Store. Click here to find a dealer near you.


Their first products allowed users to legally copy their disks right to a component that provided both storage and playback.

Their streamlined boxes elegantly free users from the hassle of shiny discs and the space they take up.

There was perhaps a slightly redder tinge to the Kaleidescape version possibly attributable to tiny differences in how the two players output videobut as far as I could tell, clarity, contrast, HDR performance, and overall stability were exactly the same, with neither format revealing any notable quality issues. Strato Submitted by audioguy on August 24, – 3: For OCD AV enthusiasts like myself, who always want to ensure that content is being displayed at full quality and as close to the native source as possible, these options and stats are a dream come true.

About five years ago, Kaleidescape opened its Movie Store, which allowed customers to download bit-for-bit Blu-ray copies of movies to play back on the company’s line of Internet-connected movie players.

You also get an Ethernet llst, and the box has built-in Alto can stream all non-4K content from Strato or Terra —an example of why you might want to download both the UHD and HD versions of a film—and Strato can stream all content from an Alto with storage.