[info procs Test] {}] {source } # # Some pre-build keyed lists to test with. keyB1 } 0 {valueB1} Test keylist {keylget tests} { set keyedlist $list2. If {} is specified for retvar, the value is not returned, allowing the Tcl programmer to determine if a key is present in a keyed list without setting a variable as a. The procedure to add a record is called like this: Db_Insert keylist datablob The datablob might be a name, value list suitable for passing to array set, or simply a .

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Note the lower-case ‘x’, an annoying inconsistency but too late to fix it now Subfields are actually fields where the value is another keyed list. The way you install the extension package will depend on what distribution of Tcl you are using. From the TclX man page, you can read: LV you say for the most part.

In new code, consider using dict instead. Is keylst anyone in the community who would like to create a wiki page that describes how one would modify a program using Tclx’s keyed lists to use 8.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Email Required, but never shown. By default the key is a simple string, and anything is legal as a key.


Where can I upload the code for comments? There is no limit to the recursive depth of subfields, allowing one to build complex data structures. All keyed list management commands take the name of the variable containing the keyed list jn an argument i.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. TclX’s keyed lists were, in part, designed to allow structs in Tcl. That might be useful to people moving to newer ttcl newer Tcl version.

Are you sure your code is correct?

Other advantages include thread safety, and a significant difference in performance. Here’s a little implementation of keyed lists. The keyed list commands are part of the TclX extension package. I didn’t really bother with that code. That’s why I wrote records.

Lists and Keyed Lists

Post as a guest Name. As there are many possible distributions, or you could build it from source yourself, you’ll need to specify carefully what is your platform and setup if it isn’t one of the ones I’ve listed above. Donal Fellows k 15 If you’re using Debian or a derivative of it you will probably do: Oh yeah, I’m trying to turn sfm into a pure Tcl application. So, you could reference nested keys in a list with list1. That installs the current version of a lot of packages, TclX among them.

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This is an example kehlist a keyed list:.

ActiveTcl Documentation

Sign up using Facebook. Keyed lists are constructed and accessed via a number of commands.

This is an example of a keyed list: SS 28Sep — Probably people interested in keyed lists may be interested in alists for Tcl. LV If you have the code on a web page or in a web accessible source code repository, just mention the URL here. A keyed list is a list in tc, each element contains a key and value pair.

If you don’t have something like that, Google and yahoo both make various resource available for people to make code, etc. When I am going to use ” keylset ” in my code, it is getting an error “invalid command name “keylset””.

You can get the same result this way requires Tcl 8. Sign up using Email and Password.