6 May Ratan Tata, the creator of the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano. a great leader should be, we have in mind qualities such as integrity, humility. Ratan Tata and his Leadership qualities Essay. Words Dec 20th, 3 Pages. Show More. Today’s modern India in a way is very much indebted to. Ratan Tata and his Leadership qualities. Today’s modern India in a way is very much indebted to JamsetJi Tata, known as “The Father of Indian Industry. ” While .

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S atish Pradhan said: He is a workaholic. The qualities that ledaership admire about him are his sincerity and total devotion. Corporate Strategy Jun 30, 0. Noting that Tata was the chairman of several companies as well as Tata Sons, Pradhan said, “A whisper from him can reach 5, decibels. An entrepreneur should be able to motivate his team in order to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

So he plays his role in a measured, gentle way. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.

Investing in different companies ensures that your investment is safe and grows no what the situation of a particular industry is. Educators Leaders Entrepreneurs Experts.


Agnivesh Slash import duty on cars, spares: If it had not been for Ratan Tata, I don’t know whether I, as an individual, would have had leaderehip courage. Everything he does must stand the test of public scrutiny. May 11, 0. There are many lessons that can be learnt from Mr.

The qualities that make Ratan Tata a born leader

Recent Overall Development is the Key- Mrs. Recent Why Shawshank Redemption is the greatest movie ever? Sinha said that the Tata structure has transferred a huge amount of responsibility from centre to state, which results in leaders coming out from different business milieus. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Terming humility as yet gatan dimension to the Tata leadership matrix, Sinha said, “No one demonstrates this characteristic more than Ratan Tata.

The qualities that make Ratan Tata a born leader – Business

Ratan Tata always believed in taking risk and the result is clear that the risk paid off. Recent 7 Lessons from Ratan Tata Jun 30, 0. He regularly writes for Corporate Monks as a research associate. This quality more defines his Democratic leadership style. The result leadersbip that Mr.

Ratan Tata and his Leadership qualities – Research Paper Example :

Jun 30, 0 admin. To conclude I would say that people like Ratan Tata are born once in century and lot can be learned from them. May 12, 0. No risk no gain. Ratan Tata and his Leadership qualities Paper. Secondly, he maintains quaities Integrity by conducting his business fairly, with honesty and transparency. School Monks College Monks Academicians.


When a leader is not able to motivate others he is no more a leader and to be a successful entrepreneur you first need to be a leader than a manager. You are at Home 7 Lessons from Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata believed in investing in different companies so as his investment is always safe.

He acquired a stake in the growing Chinese giant Xiaomi and leading e-commerce site snapdeal. In case of the Tatas, the parent is unlisted and the children are listed,” he said. He does not discourage those who occasionally fail to deliver.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden qualitiss this website. One of his democratic qualities is the discussion in a small group, when all those present could open up and freely express their views on all subjects. T erming ‘courage’ as one of the most important ingredients to become a leader, Chaukar said: