Conservation Genetics Volume 8 Issue 2 [Doi %2Fs ] Thomas Broquet; Laura Berset-Braendli; Guillaume Emaresi; Luca F. Libro rojo de reptiles de Colombia []. Castaño-Mora, Olga Victoria. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the document at: google-logo. Libro rojo. Libro Rojo de Peces Dulceacuícolas de Colombia (The Red Book of Freshwater Fishes of Colombia) – Posted on Aug 21, Fish, South America.

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Annals Review of Ecology and Systematics Libro Rojo de Reptiles de Colombia. Tropical Conservation Science, October-December: Gopher tortoise hatchling survival: Guidelines for country studies on biological diversity. Avifauna parcial de la Guajira. Lista actualizada de la fauna amphibia de Colombia. Research and conservation priorities for tortoises and freshwater turtles of Colombia. We argue that future studies of already well-studied Colombian species should focus on evaluating the effectiveness of management programs, and priority also should be given to increasing our knowledge of the many poorly-studied species in the country, especially those currently classified by the IUCN as data deficient DD.


Turtles follow it, lizards and snakes reverse it. Libro Rojo de Reptiles de Colombia. Testing and adjusting for publication bias. Freeman Company, San Francisco.

In Colombia, a disproportionate number of studies have been published on large-bodied species that face conservation problems. Publicado Jan 23, My research interests have focused on the effects of nest microclimatic conditions and paternal effects on fitness components of hatchlings in turtle species with Temperature-Dependent Sex determination TSD.

A null-model meta-analysis of available data. Trends in sex ratios of turtles in the United States: SouthAmerican Journal of Herpetology, 11 2: Kinosternon scorpioides Linnaeus Historical perspective and a meta-analysis using null models.

Meta-analysis of the history of the study of the freshwater turtle and tortoise fauna of Colombia.

Libro rojo de reptiles de Colombia

The most common topics of publications were systematics and phylogeography, nesting ecology, and management. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 11 Monograph 6: Life table and stochastic matrix projection analysis for a population of green iguanas Iguana iguana: A key and description of the living species of the genus Podocnemis sensu Boulenger Testudinata, Pelomedusidae. En Tropical deciduous Forest Ecosystem.

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Informe sobre la avifauna del parque nacional natural Tayrona.

Field study and meta-analysis. Turtles of the United States and Canada. Natural wealth in front of social poverty. Genetic studies of freshwater turtles and tortoises: Noticia sobre el primer hallazgo de la tortuga Geoemyda annulata Gray en Colombia.

Libro Rojo de los reptiles de Colombia – RED PRENSA VERDE

Limitaciones e indicadores alternativos. Nuestros animales de caza. Chapmann and Hall, Londres.

Vertebrate diversity, ecology, and conservation in neotropical dry forest. Practice of wildlife conservation. Geographic variation in sex determination patterns in the turtle Podocnemis lewyana: Implications for conservation and control.

The world is producing more PhDs rfptiles ever before. Implications for global warming. A guide to the Birds of Colombia.