Every so often, we must remember to download and install the latest help file manually from net/#help. Download the most. Go to the web site net/, click on Program Files, then in . No radio CAT control – Frequency/Band/Mode to be entered manually. Welcome to Logger32, a bit logging program written by Bob manual editing labor of love if you require your log to look correct or you.

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Alternatively, you can add this info to the cluster hosts file in the Logger32 directory: All product names are trademarks.

A network storage location is used More information. So much for AI! Network Storage 2B and above Network storage is a licensed feature manuzl needs to be activated prior to setup. Clicking a callsign in the DXcluster windows will replace any current data in the log entry panel with the callsign you have clicked plus any related information e.

It has additional features such lpgger32 the Digital Voice Keyer function. Logger32 unfortunately defaults to N.

Logger32 |

The file downloads to your browser’s default download location – I don’t know where yours will go. To set up the UDP log-update facility: If you correct the callsign of a station you are working, Logger32 automatically erases any information it retrieved and entered automatically for the original callsign, as it is no longer relevant for the corrected callsign.


However, hover the pointer over the values and both the short and long path values will be shown. Admittedly the logic is a bit tricky because multi -op DXpeditions may transmit more than one signal on a band at once, though almost always manuall different modes in different band segments. Pick the correct one probably the only one but unfortunately not the default!

It is now talking to your Cluster User program, which in turn is connected to a real DXcluster. Why are there red and blue arrows on the band map? Finally, click the red and white cross at top right to close the window and return to logging. Setting up CAT control is covered later in this document.

Setting Up and Using Introduction FileUP is a convenient way to access your network stored files from anywhere perfect for getting files from off-campus, away from your desk, on the road, or from.


The AuditGard lock maintains the last lock events in non-volatile memory. That menu item has to start with the appropriate.

This page was last updated in December of but it still highlights some useful tips on getting more out of Logger Is DXCC counting ok? All inputs are welcome. Cook Islands such as Rarotonga are granted callsigns with the same E5 prefix as the much rarer N. Can you help, Gary?

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Instead you need to right-click a QSO line in the log, go to Edit admin subdivision infothen look up and select the info from pick lists. The list of programs available is enormous as can be seen at – some being completely free.

Help Files

Whatever else you do, take frequent log backups and check them to make sure all the essential QSO information is in fact being backed up! Generated by Doxygen Thu Jun: Now wait a while for it to process your log. Seems a likely place to start. Just like other executable stuff you download from the Internet, it could be a Trojan horse.

Convert the More information. How do I set out a map for printing in ArcMap? This only works, of course, if your rig is connected to a serial port to which Logger32 can send the command. Your task is to find them. Getting Started in Windows 8.