London is a dangerous and demon-haunted place, at least for the characters in the dark, finely crafted tales presented in Miéville’s first story. Looking for Jake: Stories [China Miéville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Miéville moves effortlessly into the first division of those who. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. London is a dangerous and demon- haunted place, Looking for Jake – Kindle edition by China Mieville. Download.

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A weird accidental injury of one kid at the Wendy house, which then caused two sitters to quit.

Looking for Jake

This collection, which brings together a number of pieces previously unavailable in the U. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Dec 10, George Papuchis rated it liked it. Those who enjoyed The City and the City will like this one. GO BETWEEN An ordinary man grows increasingly paranoid as he finds himself in the unwitting role of courier, ferrying packages from one place to another for chinx benefit of anonymous parties with a frightening and mystifying ability to predict his every move.

Suprisingly, the stories aren’t always as wildly imaginative as his novels, but they’re still immersive and atmospheric.

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If these are fantasy I would call them dark fantasy for lack of a better word. Cerpen paranoia urban yang sangat menarik. In “Foundation,” perhaps the most powerful story in the book, a veteran must come to terms with the horrors he helped perpetrate during the first Gulf War. It was first published by Del Rey Books and Macmillan in He has stood for the House of Commons for the Socialist Alliance, and published a book on Marxism and international law.


Lovecraft, cerpen ini membuktikan perkataannya. This sometimes causes spectators to repeat the word and thus become infected themselves. Haunted buildings who’s ghosts are in the foundations I don’t want to go into anymore as the unraveling of the mystery was of much enjoyment to me. The story explores this and the following events. However, on the whole the short stories are not quite up to the quality of his novels.

This story also proclaims his literary descent from and flatteringly affectionate connection to H.

Looking for Jake by China Miéville

As with most of these fo, the focus is not on the events themselves much less explaining thembut the effect of inexplicable events on people here the author, in a moment of self-effacementtheir sense of security and place. Also I generally don’t much like short stories, which raises the bar higher still.

Dari segi ide dan penceritaan, The Tain benar-benar superior. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Imaginative, with the slightest hint of satire. Aug 22, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: Nake dari konsep inti cerita, tidak ada lagi miegille menarik. A couple of these quite literally sent chills up my spine and I have to say I really loved the Meta fiction.

I was taking a break after almost every story. The first story, titled “Looking for Jake”, was one of the boring stories. This story was my favorite, probably because of my familiarity with the background. How would he adapt his wildly imaginative brand of storytelling, so obviously suited to a broad canvas, to the constrictions of the short form? Fantastic short stories from China Mieville. So what happens when a bunch of protestors decide to take back Christmas?


A rich old man discovers something very unsettling about a new window he has purchased. A guy can speak to the foundations of buildings, which is a nice perk for a contractor, though mostly they just complain about how they are miserable and dead and filled with sand.

The Ball Roomsalah cerita orisinal di kompilasi ini. I read a story Reports of Certain Events in London, and this I was pleased by found documents, amateur societies and phantom streets. While I didn’t understand all the science, I was fascinated by it and Googled a few things to try to piece it together on my own.

Original Fiction in I wish Mieville would release another collection of short stories. Frankly meaningless if you aren’t a fan of the New Crobuzon novels.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Mieville connects this ability with a haunting curse jke mixes in images and representations of the Gulf War. The politics of philanthropy and the supposed democracy of the internet are run through the wringer in this short piece. There are fourteen stories here, most having appeared elsewhere. I’m not really a mievolle story fan to begin with but I was hoping such a talented writer could do it.