HercuFlex™ Gear Couplings (New!) Coupling Preselection Guide The S– Flex coupling from Lovejoy offers combinations of flanges and sleeves which can . Lovejoy has been manufacturing couplings since More importantly, we have the greatest breadth of coupling types offered by any single manufacturer in . “The Coupling Handbook”, a page illustrated reference work offered by Lovejoy, Inc., compiles practical application insights gleaned from decades of.

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Lovejoy ROSTA supplies standardized link rods, rocker arms, spring supports and universal joints for all kinds of shaking, conveying and screening machines with positive or freely oscillating drive systems. Read more about Lovejoy Grid Couplings. Find your part number on the manufacturer site, then search that number in our catalog lovejo the search bar above.

Read more about Lovejoy S-Flex Couplings.

Lovejoy has been manufacturing couplings since What we are attempting to do is to provide down-to-earth useable knowledge. Lovejoy Coupling Selection Guide. Read more about Lovejoy Torsional Couplings. Read more about Lovejoy Jaw Type Couplings. Lovejoy Couplings Find your part number on the manufacturer site, then search that number in our catalog using the search bar above.

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Coupling Answers | Where the World Turns for Coupling Knowledge: The Coupling Handbook

Please click on a section below to get started! We want to arm you with information that you need to utilize the variety of styles that exist in flexible couplings to your best advantage and solve real world problems.

Lovejoy Coupling Handbook Part I.

More importantly, we have the greatest breadth of coupling types lovejooy by any single manufacturer in the world.

Read more about Lovejoy Motion Control Couplings. The goal of this handbook is to assist you with the process of sorting out the myriad of coupling styles that exist to select the one best suited to your application.

Since flexible couplings are our strategic focus, we feel you will find this handbook to be a valuable resource. Read more about Lovejoy Couplings for Hydraulics Lovejoy ROSTA rubber suspension Oscillating Mounts have a locejoy design that makes them well suited for guiding and linking a variety of vibrating and screening equipment. Read more about Lovejoy Disc Couplings.

Mounts can be installed in any desired position and are also ideal for ceiling and wall mounting. This handbook is not a textbook.

Read more about Lovejoy Variable Speed Drives.

Read more about Lovejoy Curved Jaw Couplings. There are several of those in print which do a great job and are handbokk useful for coupling designers. Lovejoy also offers Specialty Couplings to meet a wide variety of user needs including Deltaflex patented all-metal flex-link couplingUniflex flexible triple wound spring design coupling s, Saga elastomeric Pre-compression type couplingand others.


Lovejoy ROSTA anti-vibration mountings are designed to accept compression, tension, and shear loading; as well as combined loading. Due to the mechanically secured principle of the mountings, no tearing is possible. We have the applications experience with couplings to talk about all the most popular designs out there, even the ones we don’t sell.

Your privacy is important and we will not sell your e-mail address. Introduction – Why a flexible coupling?

Lovejoy Couplings

Sign up for our e-mail newsletter to receive tips, news and info about specials. Read more about Lovejoy Specialty Couplings. Read more about Lovejoy Universal Joints. The jointed rubber spring assists the amplitudes to be transmitted to the actual oscillating equipment with a directional rotary rocking motion.

Read more about Lovejoy Shaft Locking Devices.