Prev Class · Next Class · Frames · No Frames · All Classes. Summary: Nested |; Field |; Constr |; Method. Detail: Field |; Constr |; Method. 2. The number of threads defaults to the available processors but can be controlled by setting the Threads property (typically by setting the 2. Hierarchy For Package 2. Package Hierarchies: Object. org. tSignatureHandlerFactory (implements 2.

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This method returns the list of annotations that were added – it’s a list because if the link wrapped over several lines or pages, several annotations would have been added.

A typical values would be “2. Set the clipping area to a polygon. Keywords Comma separated list of keywords associated with the document. facelsss

PDF (Big Faceless PDF Library )

For instance, to set the “rights” facwless in the Dublin Core schema, you ldf2 call setInfo “xmp: Here’s an example showing how to create a new single-line text field in a form.

These will be automatically closed during garbage faveless, but this method may be called earlier if necessary to speed disposal of those resources. Setting this on a brand new PDF ensures you don’t inadvertantly create a document that cannot be read on your chosen platform. The life-cycle facelrss a PDF generally consists of being created, adding new pages, optionally adding information about the document structure e.


Position the document’s window in the center of the screen. Faxeless in bold could apply to any parsing method. The key is a case-insensitive String and the value is an object – it may be StringBooleanInteger or some other type.

Unlike the other measurements, this can result in changes to the aspect ratio. Note that this method will not work as advertised if the position of the text has been modified via the rotate float, float, double method. This class enables the extraction of text and images from a PDFPage. The only non-Acrobat 5. String method for properties.

It’s important to remember that changes can be made a document after it’s been signed, and provided that they’re made in a new revision, the signature won’t be invalidated – but the signature won’t cover the whole of the document either.

Description copied from class: Close the path and set the “clipping area” of the page facelezs be the intersection of the current clipping area and the shape defined by this path. However, each WidgetAnnotation returned by the FormElement.

Package org.faceless.pdf2

So when comparing the IDs of two documents, if the primary and secondary both match you’ve found the same document, and when only the primary ID matches you’ve found a different version of the same document. This value is used in Acrobat only for measuring distances or areas on the page, although it may be used elsewhere by other tools.

Cause the annotation list to be rebuilt. Return the specified page. Create a new page of the specified page size and add it to pfd2 PDF. An EncryptionHandler is the abstract superclass of all algorithms that are used to encrypt a PDF document before saving.


This is the most powerful way to add text to a page, and has a number of advantages.

2 (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Return the List of bookmarks at the top level of the document. An OCSP response relating to the validity of a digital signature. To repeat – pd2f you are going to call this method, do it once in an initialization routine before the first PDF is created. Return the Output Condition for the specified Output Intent if specified, or null otherwise.

A Facekess that displays two pages at a time. A more convenient way to draw circular arcs than drawEllipseArc If a FillColor is specified, the arc will be closed with a straight line.

Please be sure to include this information with any bug reports. This scaling also applies to any PDFCanvas object drawn to the page, and any annotation or hyperlink coordinates. If the page is fully loaded this method returns nullotherwise it returns a LoadState which can be used to monitor the ppdf2 of the load.