English to Afaan Oromo and Afaan Oromo to English Dictionary. Easy words searching, faster and user-friendly interface & design. ✓ English to Afaan Oromo . 10 Jul Online version of Freelang’s Oromo-English dictionary and English-Oromo dictionary. Oromo. a lot. hedduu, baayee. about, in regard to. waa’ee, waayee. above .. dictionary. galmee jechootaa. difference. garaagarummaa, adda addummaa.

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These can be described as explosive chktand p sounds, respectively.

Afaan Oromo/AppD

dictionsry This stricture is a the lips for [ ph ], at the teeth for [ x ], at the palate for [ c ], and at the velum for q. The air about it is then forced out through a stricture somewhere along the vocal organ. The apostrophe indicates that the vowels are produced independently and not as a diphthong.

What breaks are used can differ with spelling preferences and dialects. Traditionally, Oromo was written using Ge’ez script as used by Amharic. In other languages Add links.


Spelling differences still occur, however, due to personal preferences and dialectal differences. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Leslau describes the pronunciation of of glottalized consonants as follows:. See help page for help playing these files.

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This page was last edited on 31 Julyat An Amharic Reference Grammar. Inthe Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization formally adopted a modified Latin alphabet qubee as shown at the beginning of this chapter.

Regardless, certain spelling rules can be observed that match speech patterns. Vowels and consonants may be repeated to make the sound dictlonary. Three consonants cannot occur in a row in a word. Retrieved from ” https: Vowels cannot change without a break, either a consonant or apostrophe, between them.

Oromo | Definition of Oromo in English by Oxford Dictionaries

In pronouncing the glottalized consonants, the stream of air coming from the lungs is shut off by closure of the glottis. All audio files are OGG format, which are handled differently by different browsers. To play audio files, click the word, not the speaker icon.


From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Dhchphshand ny count as single consonants though they are written as two letters. This book includes inline links to audio files.

Afaan Oromo/AppD – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Views Read Edit View history. If you have trouble playing the files, see media help.

The glottalized consonants are cqxand ph. This qubee replaced the various other transliteration schemes of Oromo to Latin script and helped to standardize spelling of Oromo words. Policies and guidelines Contact us. A word in Oromo cannot begin or end with a double consonant.