OTCEI was incorporated in as a Section 25 company under the Companies Act and is recognized as a stock exchange under Section 4 of the. 4 Oct OTCEI meaning, OTCEI definition, OTCEI features, OTCEI objective, parties in OTCEI, OTCEI promoters, benefits of listed company in OTCEI. OTCEI definition, its need and special features, guidelines or rules laid down by OTCEI regarding listing of securities by companies are discussed here.

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May investors and companies cite BRIC as a source of foreign expansion opportunity, due to lower labor costs. BRIC refers to the notion that by China and India will become the world’s dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services, while Brazil and Russia will become similarly otci as suppliers of raw materials.

Over-the-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI)

Provides definite liquidity to investors. Besides compulsory market maker, there are additional market maker and voluntary market maker who give two way quotes for the scrip. For greater accessibility to the investor, the OTC Exchange has eliminated the tocei ring.

The Indian capital market has witnessed sweeping changes over the last few years. Investor makes a cheque for the amount. Provides method of raising funds through capital market instruments which are priced fairly.

Provides greater accessibility to otcfi pool of captive investor base. It started functioning in Unscrupulous brokers often exploit investors out of their ignorance. The investors could not understand at what prices their shares are sold or bought since there is no clear-cut display of the quotations. OTC Pink is the lowest tier of the three marketplaces for trading Moreover, small and newly incorporated companies had the problem of raising capital through a public issue at exorbitant costs and delays involved in realization of proceeds.


It is a great boom to the small and marginal investors who are greatly neglected till today.

Enables transactions to be completed quickly. OTC also refers to debt securities and other financial instruments, such as derivativeswhich trade via a dealer network. Trading will take place through a network of computers of OTC dealers located at several places within the same city and even across cities. This reduces spreads between buy and sell quotations. There were new instruments and new institutions.

The sponsor-member requires day quotes buy and sell for the 12 months from the date of commencement of trading. These have facilitated higher liquidity and better information sharing.

Thus, the development in information technology has given scope for starting this type of stock exchange. Securities can be bought and sold via a number of exchanges in the US. Shares will be automatically transferred in the name of the investors, if the consolidated holding of the shares otceu not exceed 0.

Difference between regular stock exchange and OTCEI

All stock exchange have a specific place for trading their securities through counters. Here’s a sneak peek into the factors that collapsed the prospects of BRIC nations. The dealer confirms the deal and blocks the scrip on OTC computer.

Initially counters were opened at Bombay and were followed by counters at other centers. I Agree No Read more. Restrictions for large companies: Members will be required to maintain a minimum base capital of Rs. OTC options, traded in the over-the-counter market, allow negotiation The sponsor makes thorough appraisal of the project, resulting in investors getting a choice of quality companies.

This was the first exchange in India to introduce market makerswhich are firms that hold shares in companies and facilitate the trading of securities by buying and selling from other participants.

Therefore, almost all associated costs will be eliminated. This enables widely dispersed trading across cities, resulting in greater liquidity. Brokers and dealers usually have a tendency to pursue a handful of blue chip securities which are most profitable. India’s cost-of-living ranks among the lowest in the world, but retiring there presents some challenges unrelated to finances.


Preference would be given to professionals and people having experience in the field with sound network. On the OTC Exchange, the transaction is settled within a period of 7 days. The registrar and transfer agents ensure share transfers and allotments of shares and also inform the developments of various companies in the market.

However, on a formal exchange, each party is exposed to offers by every other counterparty.

OTC Exchange of India – The exchange for Technology and Growth Stocks.

Investors will be required to submit transfer deeds to any of the OTCEI counters for transferring the shares in their names. This system also ensures that transactions are done at the best prevailing quotation in the market. Here, we provide a detailed breakdown of its GDP.

Further, the investor actually gets the delivery of the scrip or the ottcei for the scrip sold within 7 days. The market makers will prevent abnormal fluctuations in the price of securities by regulating the supply and demand forces of securities in such a manner than acute scarcity or abundant supply of any security will be avoided.

Minimum issued equity capital should be Rs. India’s largest stock exchange is hitting its stride. Investors are benefited by this as it enhances the liquidity of the scrips listed on the OTC Exchange.