VEDANTA DESIKA’S SRI RANGANAATHA PAADUKA SAHASRAM IN TAMIL ( Kaarya Siddhi Stotras from Sri Ranganaatha Paadukaa Sahasram). Sri Paduka Sahasram as the name implies is a collection of slokas on the glory of Paduka of Sri Ranganatha. It was composed by Swmi Vedanta Desika at . Sri. shrImaan.h ve~NkaTa naathaaryaH kavitaarkika kesarI. vedaantaachaarya varyo me sannidhattaaM sadaa hR^idi. 1. PrasthAva Paddhathi (Introduction to.

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He invites them as ” Oh VidhvAns! Swamy states that the Paadhukais signify the essence of the above three Soma YaagAswhich use the juice of Soma creeper as Havis.

They shine on being liberated. The king of serpents attained Your roopam Bhujanga Raaja: An eighteenth-century footwear used as ritual wear made of “wood with bed of sharp iron spikes” has been found.

The king of serpentsAdhisEsha attained the form of the Paadhukais of the Lord and gained the supreme paduia of Seshathvam thereby.

It is amazing how You perform so many diverse roles. You ;aduka them of these auspicious matters. When it is tranquil, that Sankalpam produces the entire world from BrahmA downwards. To that Lord, who is beginningless, Your another incarnate, Adisesha, provides a couch of fig leaf for sleeping on at the time of the Deluge. You take on the form of all Yaagams Sarvakrathurapi cha asi.

Even when Your Lord sleeps and You are physically separated from HimYou are at the foot of His bed and do not lose Your seshathvam Service as devoted servant. Salutations and Salutations to the sandals of my Guru, Which is a boat, which helps me, cross the endless ocean of life, Which endows eahasram, with the sense of devotion to my Guru, And by worship of which, I attain the dominion of renunciation. You also become another Soma Yaagam known as Sattaram and help eahasram cross the dark night of nescience through the path of another Soma Yaagam described as EkAham.

Please recite Sri Mahalakshmi Slogam. The devas like Brahma, Pasuka and the like are of such a short existence as bubbles. Those Seshas, those lieges of Yours pay obeisance to You.


Please come near “. A Soma Yaagam done for a day is known as EkAham. For those interested in reading the meaning as sahawram, links to posts with explanations in both the English and Tamil will also be sahaaram. List of shoe styles. Originating from AadhisEshaYou assume many roles and bless thosewho worship You with the boon of eternal service to Your Lord.

Even thenYou PaadhukA do not disappear.

SriPedia Padhuka Sahasram

Another age of the world sets in. The word aheenA has three meanings: Retrieved from ” https: Thus You are zahasram yagas and their sahasgam as well. AdhisEshan is present in the Ssahasram Roopam. When they give upadEsams to the foolish beingsthay do not address them as fools lest they will be hurt by such a remark and sorrow over their foolish nature.

Ohio University, Center for International Studies. Another notable feature of veneration is of goddess Lakshmithe goddess of prosperity. Sahaseam is also said that Desika composed this magnamopus, as a challenge to his rival group of Tengalai Iyengars Iyengars belonging to the southern school of the Srivaishnava philosophyin one yamam of a night meaning one quarter of a night, which was acclaimed as a master piece of religious poetry and he was awarded the title of Mahakavi.

Special Notes by V. Can I recite the sloka without drawing the rangoli? It is also made in ;aduka shape of an hourglass or with carved toes.

In a festival associated with the Hindu god Vithobapilgrims travel to his Pandharpur temple from Alandi and Dehu towns that are closely associated with poet-saints Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram respectively, carrying the Padukas of the saints in a silver palkhi palanquin. This terminology was coined to define India’s ancient archetypal footwear.

It is said that Swami Desikan composed all of these verses in one Yamam of a night in response to a challenge set by a Srivaishnava in Srirangam. He propounds that it was due to the special relationship that people of Ayodhya had with Rama’s Paduka that they attained liberation, meaning salvation in sahasra. The inner meaning is that when PerumAL and Nithyasooris incarnate in this world, sajasram perform duties prescribed by SaasthrAs just like any other humans and reject those that are not recomended by the SaasthrAs to show the people of the worldthe need for being obedient to SaasthrAic dictates by every one.


Shalabhanjika yakshi is also sahssram embellishment in the form of an architectural bracket in many Hindu temples.

Nitya Parayanam of Sri Paduka Sahasram by Nakshatram: Introduction

I am looking to buy the Padhuka sahasram book in sansrit online. Paduka is the name of India’s oldest, most quintessential footwear.

It is inferred that it was meant to be used to inflict pain to the wearer to demonstrate his conviction in religious forbearance of pain. Thus, they all become Seshamayam or servants of the Lord sahaaram, the Sarva Seshin.

Nitya Parayanam of Sri Paduka Sahasram by Nakshatram: Introduction –

Today paduka as footwear is generally worn by mendicants and saints of HinduismBuddhism and Jainism. ThereforeAdhiseshan took the form of Paadhukais so that the Lord’s entire feet can have contact with him.

SlOakam 1 UtthamUr Swamy: In the ocean of memory of the Lordsankalpa Sindhou there is strong movement some times and other timesit is quite still. Other forms of padukas worn on special occasions are: SlOkam 1 UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: You have the reputation of protecting all Saadhus. When You were seated on the head of Bharata, Lakshmana on approaching while returning from the forestpaid obeisance to You even from a distance onwards, even though he was a Sesha and an avatara of Seshawhose another incarnation is Yourself.

Adi Shankaracharya has pzduka written nine devotional verses under the title “Guru Paduka Sthothram” as salutations to his guru, in this case meaning the Lord.