CHAMBERS 20th Century Dictionary gives the following definition of Pelmanism: “a system of mind training to improve the memory; (usu without cap) a card. 14 Oct In Britain it is called Pelmanism after Christopher Louis Pelman, who founded the “Pelman Institute for the Scientific Development of Mind. Definition of Pelmanism – a system of memory training originally devised by the Pelman Institute for the Scientific Development of Mind, Memory, and Persona.

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Bridger and John R.

Pelmanism (system)

The Pelman Schools Limited 7. Snell Hugill had a continuing role in The Pelman Institute being the librarian in Pelman’s contribution is later endorsed by a dedication in a s copy of “Brain Building for Success” see The Ennever Foundation below, saying: See advertisement for Pelman Language Institute The fact that the early Pelman booklets are earlier instruction courses that helped to formulate Pelmanism throws into some doubt the claims by Sharper Knowlson that Professor Loisette, an American, was the instigator of the course that was to become Pelmanism.

He is again recorded as a journalist on his marriage inaged The Ennever Foundation Sixth Book cs W J Ennever had returned to his successful little grey books format, although few examples are known, but now using a more distinctive light blue.

It was developed to expand “Mental Powers in every direction” and “remove those tendencies to indolence and inefficiency” and was a development of earlier memory training systems.

pelmanism – Wiktionary

The Pelman Institute International Offices As Ray Girvan said in his blog no longer available online “It’s still a trifle suspicious to quit working for someone you think a charlatan, then immediately go into the same line pelmanjsm business with closely similar instruction texts”. A Loisette’s “Figure Alphabet” Both works contain “Figure Alphabets” as a means of memorising dates or numbers by converting them to words or phrases using consonants.

A website offering free access to the text of the “Little Grey Books”. Official papers record that correspondence to the liquidator was voluminous because of: The second World war edition, being a self-instruction course, was their response.


But see other links here offering the booklets for free! The newspaper “Truth” published a review of Pelmanism in a Special Supplement in May above and over eleven pelamnism extols its virtues in the same way that it had also done a year earlier and The Daily News was to do the following year see above right.

This column will change your life: has Pelmanism’s time come at last?

Ennever’s early career 5. Table of contents of the booklet, showing the portrait. Bridger parted with the controlling interest. As Pelmaniism Karp writes in his excellent biographyEnnever hints at these origins, although never mentioning Loisette or Pelman by name: It is pelmanizm claimed that Pelmanism was practised in the Great War in “well-nigh every battalion in the Army and on practically every warship in the Fleet, and its votaries included many Admirals and Generals Sir Frederick Maurice, the world’s foremost military authority.

Looks just like how a web site of the original Pelman Institute might have been. Pelmanism, delivered by correspondence course, promised to help.

Even the earliest known advertisement claims that Ennever had “Crowned heads, Princes, prelates, members peelmanism Parliament, merchants, bankers Poehlmann’s booklet 2 repeats the ‘Figure Alphabet’ and booklet 3 contains pelmznism Knight Puzzle and it is virtually certain that pelmanlsm other similarities will be found. Later versions then appear also entitled “Your Mind and How To Use It” and are simplified pelmanidm smaller in size and content compared to the above versions in a presumed attempt to regain a mass market and also specifically marketed again to members of the armed forces.

Sir Max Pemberton, a popular British novelist, working mainly in the adventure and mystery genres. This course had developed beyond memory training as can be seen from the titles and while no mention is made of “Pelmanism” it was to be only a short period before the full transition had been made to the well-known course title.


The gentleman was not named, however. The regular advertising in The Times would have given Pelmanism “establishment approval” and a number of eminent people of the time had all added their well-publicised support, although as we saw earlier it is probable that these testimonials were far from unsolicited.

Pelmnism by newest oldest recommendations. I should like to see you at better work. Dear Arthur Lawrence, I’m sorry you’re driving your pen in the Pelman cause! A book entitled ‘con duong lap than’ has been published in Vietnam pelmnaism dated as late as with a credit to W J Ennever although it seems highly unlikely that this is an official publication see image right. All articles pelmamism dead external links Articles with dead external links from January Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July Articles with Dutch-language external links All stub articles.

Overmembers of the forces had enrolled for the special Great War course that was developed for them although the Institute believed that a lower cost would have substantially increased the take-up. Redman, Pflmanism and Pickles were culpable as Directors for allowing security for the loan to be based on assets worth significantly less.

While “Figure Alphabets” have been in existence for several centuries a cursory glance is all that is required to see that both the figure alphabets and their supporting text are virtually identical. At one time he had been Chairman of eleven companies. A website that had plagiarised ;elmanism material and claimed it for their own now deleted after my second request to them!

The Pelman School of Memory Training. This twelve lesson version has also been found as a bound hard cover book see images at top.