Album · · 2 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 1: | Download. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2: | Download. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3: | Download. Learn Ramanuja. Attached is pdf of Ramanuja Nootrandhahi. This will be recited today evening at Sri Srinivas pushpa kainkaryam. Just in case if you want the script to recite.

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My service has become absorbed in your goodness. It is with great pleasure to let you know that I did receive both books now and am really touched by your customer service.

After Ramanuja’s birth on this Earth, the path of nootrandgadhi has been established, the heretic six schools of thought have been erased, the terrible kali vanquished. O, the folly of those who go about studying the Vedas, but never realise that their subtle essence or inner substance is the most effulgent lord, the master of the Universe! He is famed for his benevolence that matches the raincloud.

O when will my eyes rejoice and see bands of devotees who realise the truth in this! The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita: Those who worship him are my masters. He should be leading a saintly life as described in the shastras. I, this self, sinful without a peer in this whole world, with nootrandhadhii deceitful hard heart, have dared to sing his praise.


Pray grant me this. Sharada Prasad and Sri Kiran for timely printing and cover- design respectively.

You gave me the red lotus feet of the lord of Arangam himself forever! If me of pervese hearts who do not consider Ramnauja their asset, heap slander, I take it as praise.

Ramanajua’s greatness did not become apparent; but when the account books of my post sins, maintained in Hell’s office were destroyed, his greatness shone like the sun.

Beyond that, if you still see any merit in me, what will your devotees say of your boundless grace? Through boundless grace, he pulled me nootrandhafhi of quagmire of love for women’s breasts, and saved me. Thank You so much for sharing this with adiyen. He entered my lowly heart and clarified my thoughts as well.

He should have seen the truth face-to-face. He is our lord and our master. He became my heart’s master, Now, how nootrandhadhj it matter whether I enjoy the pleasures of heaven or suffer the pains of hell?

‎Ramanuja Nootrandadi by M A Venkatakrishnan on Apple Music

To enable the preference of the reader for the script he is most comfortable with the original text moolam has been given in three languages: Now he has taken birth again as Ramanuja, the sweet ambrosia of devotees, for my upliftment alone, I can see no other reason.

By the terrible Karmas that increasingly torment the soul, I have not cultivated full faith in Maksha. Weight of the Book: Today I have drunk deep from the river of his glory-flood.

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The Raamaayana and Vishnu Sahasranama were recited in the presence of their heroes themselves, receiving their approval and blessings. My hands convey obeisance, my eyes crave to see your beautiful frame.

O Ramanuja with abiding glory that even the learned ones cannot comprehend I have not performed any sacred penances to learn by realisation. He should have conquered the senses. The same is the case with Raamaanuja Nootrandhaadhi. If I give up, saying it is beyond me, that indeed is fair praise, knowing this, my heart still does not satiate praising you, I fear what you may think of me.

The rutted elephant called Ramanuja, -with the ichor of the sweet Pann-based Maran’s Tamil Tiruvaimoli and the hefty tusks of Vedic truths, -is running amuch everywhere.

Sandhai: Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

Thanks a lot Exotic India family for such a fantabulous response. He should be truthful in thought, word and deed. Ramanuja placed the Alvar’s feet in his heart and rejoiced. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.

The revered Vedantha Desika himself prays to God to qualify him to sing these verses.