Album · · 2 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 1: | Download. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2: | Download. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3: | Download. Learn Ramanuja. Attached is pdf of Ramanuja Nootrandhahi. This will be recited today evening at Sri Srinivas pushpa kainkaryam. Just in case if you want the script to recite.

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‎Ramanuja Nootrandadi by M A Venkatakrishnan on Apple Music

He should have conquered the senses. I have something to ask of you. The Lord resides in all souls, doing good to them and bringing about their emancipation, But even nootrandhdhi appears loveless in comparison to Ramanuja who left his abode in Vaikunta and took birth on Earth to spread the four Vedas and free every soul.

For example – the last word of the previous hymn: Those who swear by the heretic six schools of blinding thought run helter-skelter as you follow them on Earth! The good ones say that Vaikunta, Venkatam, and Malirumsolai hills are ramanhja celebrated abodes of the wonder-lord.

Then in the yore the Lord appeared as a huge, terribly angry man-lion and tore the mighty golden chest of the heavily armed Hiranya. The same is the case with Raamaanuja Nootrandhaadhi. Thanks a lot Exotic India family for such a fantabulous response. He should be considered by the disciple as God himself. Effortlessly, I will attain the great liberation of Vaikunta, through your dark-cloud-like benevolence, – just see!

Ramanuja who filled his heart with love for Nathamuni, is our great wealth. Vedic scholars worship his lotus feet. His ability to lead his disciples to liberation is nootrandhadhu pictured in the following anecdote in his life.


Works on the life and works of the revered Raamaanuja can be counted on our fingers. Those who worship him are my masters. Nor have I served your feet and learnt from you by the method of questioning. That’s always nootrandadhi and full of Bhakti Dasan Vainatheyan. Other than his name, my heart sings and prates of none else.

Anonymous June 12, at 2: I was caught in the net nootrandbadhi repeated birth, and lived blinded by the illusion of Karmic cause, Of your own, you took me of despair and uplifted me. If me of pervese hearts who do not consider Ramnauja their asset, heap slander, I take it as praise.

Those who pour their lover over Ramanuja are fortune-favoured devotees of excellent merit. Ramanajua’s greatness did not become apparent; but when the nootrandhqdhi books of my post sins, maintained in Hell’s office were destroyed, his greatness shone like the sun.

Sri Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

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These are a few of his wondrous deeds. On your own, you came and accepted me, Today your noble qualities are sweet as ambrosia to my lowly self’s soul.

Even if you give me Krishna like a fruit in my hands, I still seek ramamuja glory that flows from your frame only, Whether I fall into the dungeon of hell or whether I attain the glorious high heaven, you must give me this, or else I shall not live. Nootrandhaadhi – Charama Prabhandham: It is with great pleasure to let you know that I did receive both books now and am really touched by your customer service.

My compliments for your prompt delivery. Ramanuja praises the great ones who always sing the Alvar’s works.

Is there anyone else to match his abiding grace? When Ramnuja stands in this world as the guardian of truth nootrajdhadhi destroyer of false doctrinal interpretations, alas, people of the world go searching for another god and wither away, lose their minds, and spend their lives in doubt. Such is the holiness of this work! Your lives are ended. You developed great confidence in me.


My thanks are also due to Sri A. The Svethaasvathara Upanishad declares that he alone gets enlightenment [on the teaching of the Upanishads] who has the greatest devotion to the Lord and has the same devotion to the spiritual teacher. He is a master of the four Vedas, and well-vesed in the three aspects of sweet Tamil —poetry, music and drama.

Pray tell me, for what purpose? Shollumine 43 becomes the first word of the next hymn: O Ramanuja of glory beyond praise! As usual I have drawn on the support from my wife, Smt. Beyond that, if you still see any merit in me, what will your devotees say of your boundless grace? Anonymous September 21, at 3: Srini Vasan July 5, at 8: The good ones who always meit their hearts steeped in the thought of your compassion, consider it wrong that I even asked you for this. The rutted elephant called Ramanuja, -with the ichor of the sweet Pann-based Maran’s Tamil Tiruvaimoli and the hefty tusks of Vedic truths, -is running amuch everywhere.

Raamaanuja was said to be preparing himself to leave Sri Rangam. Now he has taken birth again as Ramanuja, the sweet ambrosia of devotees, for my upliftment alone, I can see no other reason.