All Rosco glass gobos can be used in Rosco Gobo Rotators. Other gobo rotators may require adaptor rings or spring clips for proper sizing and fit. Contact the. ably recommend that your custom gobo be manufactured at Rosco. Here’s why: All the gobos in this catalog (plus others) are shown on the site. You can. Many designers prefer to choose their gobos online. Rosco’s new Gobo Website makes it easier and faster. All the gobos in this catalog are shown on the site.

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Glass Color – Abstract Color: Any great set designer will tell you that when lighting a scene, the lights you use are only part of the equation. The final designs supplied by our panel of judges will be published online and the grand prize winner will be determined by public voting.

Attention: Dealers and Institutions!

Glass Color – Scene Color: Make sure you include a thoughtful statement that explains why your design should be included in the Rosco Gobo Catalog, because all of the entries will be judged by a panel of accomplished lighting designers see below. Sincehe has expanded his work towards architectural lighting design for retail projects, city master plans, roscoo sites and exhibitions.

Check out our frequently asked questions page here: Region Overlay Gobbo on this page may not be available in your region. If you think other designers would use your gobo design — submit it!

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One of the coolest things about gobos is that you can make your own custom designs! Your email address will not be published.

Declan has also worked extensively in architectural lighting design as well as site-specific works, live events and some work in film and television.

Film, Television and Broadcast. Herrick Goldman specializes in lighting designs for theater, dance, events, and architecture. Those designs may be simple steel break up patterns, show-specific gobo solutions, or dazzling glass gobo designs.

Region Overlay Products on this page may not be available in your region. Tapio Rosenius is a Finnish designer, innovator, artist and an entrepreneur. Custom Gobo Designs One of the coolest things about gobos is that you can make your own custom designs!

Enter the contest and your gobo design may be listed next to gobos designed by world renowned lighting designers like Ken Billington, Tharon Musser, Allen Lee Hughes and Jules Fisher to name a few.

The Rosco Gobo Design Contest

Lauren Proud has been with Rosco Laboratories since May, Colorizers create beautiful multi-colored effects. An affordable option for projecting full color artwork — available as iPro Slides or Cool Ink plastic gobos. Catslog Day staff stained glass Stained glass starfish stars statue statues steel sterling sticks stone storm straight strands strike string strip stripe stroke subway suite summer sun sunlight sunrise sunset sunshine swamp swirling swirls swoosh symbols target team technology telehone poles temple temporary texture Thanksgiving theater theatre thin thorny threads thunder tiger tight time tire titanic tombstone Tower tower town tracks train transistor transportation trapezoid tread tree trees triangles tribal tribe catslog tropical truss turkey twist twisting tye dye UK umbrella UN United Kingdom United States universe university urban US USA USD vacation Valentine’s Day vampire vignette vistas voila vortex Wales wall war warehouse warm water waterfall waves wavy weave Wedding wham wheel whirlpool white and blue whoosh wildlife windmill window windy winner winter wires witch wolf woman women woods words world worn woven X yellow yom kippur zap zig zag zodiac zoom.

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Request a quote Get your quote in 2 easy steps. Add texture and color to your design with these innovative gobos, including Image Glass, Colorizers, Prismatics and ColorWaves. Anne Militello is an award-winning lighting designer and fine artist with a career spanning all aspects of creating with light.

Rosco Gobos • Visual Departures

Thank you for your inquiry. Select up to 8 items to Request a quote. Different gobos can be used on each light and mixed on-stage to liven things up. Glass gobos come in a variety actalog forms: His other credits include: He has been designing for 23 years and has more than credits to his name.

Explore our Social Media. Prices and turnaround time are very reasonable — gkbo email us to get the ball rolling. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.