Specialist Construction Supplies for Repair, Maintenance, Building & Infrastructure. Sikaflex 11FC Data Sheet. Specification notes. Product: Sikaflex 11FC. SikaflexFC+ is a one-component non sag polyurethane elastomeric adhesive/ sealant which is equally efficient as a flexible joint sealant or adhesive which. Sikaflex® FC+ used as a joint sealant for vertical and horizontal joints, soundproofing of pipes between concrete and sheathing. Caulking.

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Elastic sealant / polyurethane / fastening / protective – SIKAFLEX® PRO FC – Sika France SAS

It is ideal for use on transparent surfaces such as glass, plastic or acrylic, due to its crystal clear application, but will invisibly blend into any coloured surfaces as well. High performance polyurethane sealant and adhesive with permanent elasticity suitable as an adhesive for sikaflex pro 11fc metal frame buildings, cover plates, floor mouldings and door sills. This means that they are highly flexible, shock absorbing and high strength, making them perfect for heaps of jobs in Home Renovation.

Simply sikafkex My Orders once logged in then sikaf,ex your invoice number.

I was happy with the service provided. Sika is proud to announce sikadlex launch of sikaflex pro 11fc Sikaflex Crystal Clear sikaflex pro 11fc optimum transparent sealant that can be used for all DIY and Contractor projects. Notify me of new comments via email.


The versatile product can be used whenever a transparent bond line is sokaflex. Sikaflex 11FC is a fast curing, one component polyurethane based compound that is extremely effective, both as a flexible sealant or. General purpose polyurethane joint sealant for construction used for sealing precast concrete panels, civil and industrial joints sikaflex pro 11fc architectural sikaflex pro 11fc heavy construction applications, between concrete, brickwork, natural and artificial stone, steel, aluminium, wood, ceramic tiles and rigid plastics.


Was really pleased with them only battery’s are no good will need replacing. Extremely happy easy to set up and easy to use plenty of wire for installation. For metropolitan areas, you will sikaflex pro 11fc your order within days with some exceptions.

F 1 reviews given 0 upvotes. Sikaflex Crystal Clear is waterproof and watertight so can be used for assured sealing in bathrooms, kitchens and areas exposed to moisture. You can use Sikaflex PRO to seal around your windows and doors, great at this time of year as we struggle to keep draughts out of our homes and stay warm!

If you have any questions or need to sikaflex pro 11fc a change after your order, please contact us. Email required Address never made public. High performance, trafficable polyurethane joint sealant for joints between most construction materials where a high bond strength is required suitable for trafficable floor joints, metal or concrete water retaining structures, assembly of metal frame buildings, cover plates, lap joints and sealing pipe penetrations in walls and pr.

There are also heaps sikafles Sikaflex products used in car modification and boat building, but we will talk about those later. Sikaflex — High strength structural adhesive. Superseal — Polyurethane joint sealant. Sika product glue of good quality. Sikaflex PRO on the other hand is used as a sealant only, and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

See terms and conditions. Sikaflex Crystal Clear is a 1-component, transparent adhesive andsealant. Fill in your details below or click 11rc icon to log in: Secure payment by debit or credit card. If you need any further assistance, or have any questions regarding Sikaflex, please contact Sika Australia at au.


Very happy with the whole process, from start to finish. Sikaflex pro 11fc generated sikaflex pro 11fc sales of CHF 5. This makes it perfect for lots of jobs around the home, like reattaching tiles hat sikaglex fallen off the wall in your bathroom or kitchen; along the edging of tiles where they join your wooden flooring; or gluing timber racking to brick walls in your garage.

Sikaflex 11FC Data Sheet. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hybrid polyurethane sealant typically used for expansion and control joints, precast concrete panels and perimeter caullking to windows, doors and panels. Sikaflex PRO — High performance polyurethane joint sealant High performance polyurethane sealant suitable for expansion joints in buildings and civil structures above or below ground.

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Sikaflex®PRO-11 FC

All in one, SIkaflex adhesive sealant is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. General purpose polyurethane joint sealant suitable for use on cement sheet, concrete, masonry, plasterboard, polystyrene and polyurethane for applications to bedding panels, expansion and control joints, precast panels and tilt walls, window and door perimeters, sealing sanitary installations and insulated wall systems.

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Sikaflex Tank — High performance chemical resistant polyurethane sealant.