Clin Exp Rheumatol. Jul-Aug;8(4) Tietze’s syndrome: a critical review. Aeschlimann A(1), Kahn MF. Author information: (1)Clinique de. Tietze syndrome is an inflammatory condition characterized by chest pain and swelling of the cartilage around the ribs. Specifically, people with Tietze syndrome. MRI in Tietze’s sindrome / L. Volterrani et al. Luca Volterrani, MD, Prof. of Radiology. Maria Antonietta Mazzei, MD. Nicola Giordano, MD, Prof. of Rheumatology.

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Aeschlimann A 1Kahn MF.

Comparisons may be useful for a differential diagnosis: Not to be confused with Tietz syndrome. Tietze’s syndrome is not thought to be an inherited condition [6] and sindrom affects males and females equally.

Years Published, This pain usually occurs after sudden movement of the body, such as sneezing, coughing, laughing or straining. Sometimes, the development of the disorder may be aindrome by chronic, excessive coughing, vomiting, trauma or impact to the chest, viral or bacterial infections, or surgery to the thoracic area. Syndromes with musculoskeletal abnormalities. Additional disorders that can cause symptoms similar to those seen in Tietze syndrome include seronegative arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, pneumonia, and coronary heart disease.


The onset of pain may be gradual or sudden, and can vary in intensity. About News Events Contact. This page was last edited on 11 October yietze, at Tips for Finding Financial Aid. How sindromw Find a Disease Specialist.

The second or third ribs are most often affected. Questions sent to GARD may be posted here if the information could be helpful to others. Med Clin North Am. Symptoms of the following conditions can resemble those of Tietze syndrome.

Spinal root lesions or compression can cause chest pain in the form of a deep, boring, aching discomfort, sinrrome a sharp sudden and piercing pain.

Tietze Syndrome – NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Usually the second or third ribs are most affected. It can occur by overexertion or by an injury or trauma to the thorax.

Bone and joint disease M80—M94— The exact cause is not known idiopathic. Musculoskeletal Disorders, Sindrme, and Rehabilitation, 3rd edition. Sometimes Tietze syndrome happens as a result of having other things, such as psoriatic arthritis. Males and females are affected in equal numbers. Pain relief is achieved with the use of analgesics.

Tietze’s syndrome

For information about clinical trials sponsored by private sources, contact: Diagnosis and Management Tietze syndrome can be hard to diagnose because the symptoms are like those of other problems besides a heart attack.


Years Published, Magnetic resonance imaging MRI can show thickening and enlargement of affected cartilage.

Treatment is aimed at the underlying sindrrome of the pain. We want to hear from you. Oxford Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine, 2nd edition. The pain usually subsides sindrone several weeks or months, but the swelling may persist. Oxford Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine, 2nd edition. Costal chondritis or costochondritis is a common condition characterized by inflammation of the cartilage part of the rib.

Tistze is a benign condition that may subside spontaneously.

Tietze Syndrome: What to Know

Tiegze tests might include X-rays, an ultrasoundmagnetic resonance imaging MRIa biopsyor an electrocardiogram to see the electrical activity in your heart. However, the two disorders are differentiated by the presence of swelling, in addition to pain, in Tietze syndrome.

Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. It can occur by overexertion or by an injury or sindrome tietze to the thorax.