śrīsubrahmaṇya bhujaṅgam 1 ॥ Comments by Ravishankar Mayavaram [email protected] shrI subrahmaNya bhujaN^gam is a stotra sung under inspiration by . Major portion of the translation provided here is adopted from, Iyer, Ganesa M., Srimat Sankara Bhagavat Padal’s Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam, The Little flower . DownloadSubramanya bhujangam in sanskrit pdf. so any damage that is caused to your car whilst the named driver is using it will not be covered. 1, My Trips.

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Let every thing that trouble my body, birds, beasts, insects, severe diseases, be pierced by Thy powerful weapon Vel and taken far away and destroyed.

Subramanya Bhujangam – In sanskrit with meaning

Bhuiangam is also said that AchArya then actually saw the AdisheSha worshipping the Lord and adopted the bhujanga metre. Oh Lord protect me!

You have still not Killed that, my Lord ; What shall I do now? The stotra extolls the greatness of Lord Shiva and his leelas. Temple RoomGranting the Wishes of the DevoteesThou hurriedly rose from Mother’s lap and rushed into Shankara’s arms who embraced thee affectionately. Oh Lord of the Devas Army! Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. Thou art the lord of devas and son of the lord of the universe!

They have Indeed Crossed the Ocean of the Samsara4. By usbramanya Valli’s Hunter’s daughter well–developed breast ornated with saffron, Thy bhujangm became red colored, thereby manifesting your eternal grace towards devotees. Chief of the army of Devas!

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Lord of the Universe! Thou should not be indifferent towards me during my last moments. Understanding the Earth – The Vedic way: Published here is the complete stotra in Sanskrit.

For during that time i. Meditating on the verse will bring wisdom to the aspirant.

Adi Shankaracharya Archives – Page 4 of 6 – Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Thus You seem to proclaim Abiding on the Sugandha Hill, 6. Thy arms punished Brahma, Thy arms governs the world as Thy play, Thy arms killed Soorapadma and other demons who are enemies of Indra, Thy arms are matchless in protecting the Universe, and Thy arms are a terror to Thine enemies.

Son of Parameshwara, I see Thy six lotus smiling faces shining like a group of swans, having gleaming side glance ever moving like a row of bees and with red lips overflowing with nectar.

Let my wife, children, relatives, friends, other men and women in bujangam household, venerate Thee! I am prostating to Thy feet often to secure Thy blessings. One shines in the ij of the heart as GuhA! O Son of Mahadeva!

Oh Beloved of the Hunter’s daughter Valli! This book deals with the Vedanta Philosophy mentioned in the Prakrana Grandhas. Salutations to Your Pilgrimage referred to as Sindhudesha by the side of the Sea Destroyer of the sins of your devotees!

Do not therefore Forsake me during the end of my life even for a little while. Home Stotras Site Map Search. Let all my prostrations reach Thee!

Sri Valli, who meditated on You for long who had Big and Round Thou stands on the top of the Sugandha hill, proclaiming that whenever the devotees climb this hill it will give the same benefit as climbing the king of mountains Kailas! I approach none but you for saving me. If there be six full moons free from blemishes and if those moons subramanyq ever shining on all sides, even then they would be no match to your effulgent faces.


But in my heart, shines a effulgent light with luminous six faces, and because of that from my mouth, amazing phrases with musical tone and meanings pour out in extempore.

Adi Shankaracharya

Click here to open the mouseover meanings in a new window. Let my limbs, thoughts and actions be devoted to Skanda! Enemy of the TarAkasura! Salutations to Sri Subramanya I am always sunken with the burden of Sorrows Place the mouse over each Sanskrit word to get the meaning. Always let my mouth sing the praise of Lord Skanda! Major portion of the translation provided here is adopted from, Iyer, Ganesa M.

Subramanya Bhujangam – In sanskrit with meaning

Bosomand as a result of that EmbraceYour Chest became Red like Saffron signifying deep attachment towards DevoteesWhen Thou bhujangan twelve broad long eyes extending upto ears, what will Thou loose by casting that side glance for a moment [on me]? May the six-faced lord on the Sugandha hills remain there to bless me!

If on me once Cast their Glance ,