THE TAJ MAHAL IS TEJO-MAHALAYA: A SHIVA TEMPLE. The story of the Taj Mahal that most of us have known about may not be the real truth. Herein Mr. Purushottam Nagesh Oak (2 March – 4 December ), commonly referred to as P. N. . that the Taj Mahal was originally a Shiva temple and a Rajput palace named Tejo Mahalaya seized by Shah Jahan and adopted as a tomb. 31 Oct The central government in its response to a suit filed in an Agra court has stated that the claim Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya Temple palace is.

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Apparently the square slab hides a man-size entrance to a staircase leading to hidden chambers in the marble basement. Flad those been installed by Shahjahan they should have been shown to the public as a matter of pride.

ErnstAnnemarie Schimmel On the inner flank of the 22 locked rooms in the secret storey in red stone below the marble platform is this corridor about 12 ft.

After we climb down the steps we see a doorway to the passage gejo right of the hidden rooms. The pinnacle points to the heaven while the foundation signifies the nether world. Panikkar locates Oak’s work in the Hindutva movement’s attempt to foster a communal understanding of Indian history. Ghosh Publisher, W. Shahjahan had, therefore, to raise a scaffolding of brick.


There is no merit in the argument, but it has mxhalaya something of a popular following in India. In flagrant violation of this the Taj Mahal has one grave in the basement and another in the first floor chamber both ascribed to Mumtaz. Such parity burial can be justified only if the queen has been demoted or the maid promoted.

But the general public is so mahalays as to gulp all such absurd prattle of wily, unscrupulous guides.

This staircase and another symmetrical one at the other end lead down to the storey beneath the marble platform. A close up of the upper portion of the pinnacle of the Taj Mahal, photographed from the parapet beneath the dome.

But since Shahjahan had commandeered not built the Taj Mahal he reduced it indiscriminately to a general Muslim cemetery as was the habit of all his Islamic predecessors, and buried a queen in one vacant pavilion and a maid in another identical pavilion. For detailed proof of this breath taking discovery, you may read the well known historian Temo.

The ventilator at the left, meant for air and light from the riverside, has been crudely walled up by Shahjahan. He was also so stingy as not to want to spend much even on converting a robbed Hindu temple into an Islamic mausoleum.

Hindi Sahitya Sadan Language: Born mahalaja March mahalaa, Mr. A womanizer is ipso facto incapable of any constructive activity. Five of them lie sealed and barred concealing rich evidence.

What is Tejo Mahalaya controversy?

Taj Mahal-Secret walled door that leads to other rooms Taj Mahal Photo 23 Many such doorways of chambers in secret stories underneath the Taj Mahal have been sealed with brick and lime. It has become the entry gate for most visitors today because the railway station and the bus station are on that side. Where trotters tantalise the tongue: Stone rings for anchoring boats for river transportation amongst the residents in the Taj.


Had there been any such, rain water would have leaked in too and made the interior wet. That indicates that ramps or stairs branching off at the first landing, to go down mahapaya the other chambers in the basement have been sealed off by Shahjahan haphazardly with dissimilar slabs which came handy.

Later he was released on bail. This gives rise mahlaya many more absurdities viz. Being compelled to work for years without wages, the workmen rebelled. Would a sovereign be gratified and reward the master craftsmen who execute a work of art or would he punish them with maiming for all their skill and devotion?

This room is in the red stone storey immediately below the marble platform. Take a look at them on this video and then see the additional information found on Stephen Knapp’s website about this topic, and then decide for yourself what you think.