11 Apr A revised and expanded edition of U.G. Krishnamurti’s The Courage to Stand Alone. Transcribed and edited from the famous “Give Up” tapes. COURAGE TO STAND ALONE: Conversations with the Man Called U.G.. Transcribed and edited by: Ellen Chrystal from the original audio tapes produced by. 24 Aug The Courage to Stand Alone. Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Amsterdam, September Transcribed and Edited by. Ellen Chrystal.

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The Courage to Stand Alone by U.G. Krishnamurti

It has gone underground. It is the object that creates the subject. If the light is not there you have no way of looking satnd anything. But unfortunately for centuries they have interpreted the whole thing in religious terms and that has created misery for us all.

No eBook available Amazon. You are applying that same technique to achieve your so-called spiritual goals. The psyche or self or mind, an entity which he denied as having any being, is composed of nothing but the “demand” to bring about change in the world, in itself, or in both. This is abook of conversations U.

Courage to Stand Alone

You have to rely upon precedents and previous judgments. The subject does not exist there.


But he seems to have something of the same format as the guru: That is what I mean when I say that the questions are absent.

How can the unknown ever become the known. What do you want? The world you experience around you is also from that point of view. All that is bullshit anyway. There still are things, like walls and people around you.

The society is not going to feed me unless I give something in return. A man totally opposed to teaching. They are essential for the smooth functioning of society. During the same period of his life, U.

As long as you are doing something to be selfless, you will be a self-centered individual. For krisjnamurti reason they are doing it, it’s not our concern, but they are doing it. I don’t know if what happened to me one day was what I think it is or not, I don’t care.

Even if you want to make it fall into a normal rhythm, you are adding momentum to that.

I am not trying krishnamurri free you from anything. It doesn’t matter what teacher you follow. You can’t use it for purposes of navigation, but ultimately it comes up again. The main reason for this fascination is the person in front of me, U. There is no such thing as unconsciousness.


Courage to Stand Alone

I wonder what would alon if we did call that chair a lamp and this table a hat, because a lot of our philosophies and ideas are also linked with it.

When this movement in the direction of wanting to be a selfless man is not there, then there is no self and there is no self-centered activity. That is why you are asking the question. If you accept, where is the need for striving. So, you have to put in struggle and effort, use your will and then you arrive at success.

There must be a point and it is this point that creates the space. The hope is here. They can spend millions and tbe and millions of dollars and do every kind of research to find the seat of human consciousness, but there is no such thing as the seat of human consciousness at all. That is an absolute requisite for that kind of a thing.

That is all that it is interested in.