The greatest advantage in knowing the difference between spirit and soul, claims Watchman Nee, is in perceiving the latent power of the earth-bound soul and. However, these phenomena all come from the latent power of the soul after Adam’s fall. We Christians must be very careful in this last age. We must not. In this book, Watchman Nee shares his insight on The Latent Power of The Soul, The Christian and Psychic Force, and Spirit Force vs Psychic Force. Nowadays.

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Review of “The Latent Power of the Soul” by Watchman Nee

When are they and what will happen? Only the works of wonders done through the law of the Spirit are from God. Nee also claims that in order to name all the animals see Genesis 2: To back up his argument, Nee makes this claim: Jeff SanRocco rated it it was amazing May 20, Beginners cannot bear it and feel the pain. What fascinated and sometimes appalled the citizens of the late 19th and early 20th century still fascinates when there is a visible show of supernatural outworking such as levitation or mind reading, but now it is applauded because it is seen as a psychological trick.

This is a fact.


Consequently, Watchman takes you back to the beginning of creation and explains expounds on the spiritual behind the physical byy all that still affects you and me in the world all around us. Thousands of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers.

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Nevertheless, I do see some good in the book, which I will share toward the end of this review. Such knowledge is not theoretical but practical in helping people to walk in God’s way. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit 1 Cor. For example, Nee says that too much singing in worship services is soulish rather than led by the Holy Spirit; too much reflection on a Bible text will lead to a soulish interpretation rather than a spiritual one; all holy laughter yes, they knew of it in his day is soulish; if you desire for God to speak to you through dreams or visions, and especially neee you have a lot of dreams or visions, then these are likely from the soul rather than the Holy Spirit; if you experience strong feelings, especially good feelings, in worship or prayer then these are likely from the soul rather than from the Holy Oower too much praying in tongues, or an inordinate desire to speak or pray in tongues, is soulish; and that many supernatural healings are wrought through soul power rather than Holy Spirit power.

I hope we will all have the discernment and not be deceived. How are we to live in these perilous times? However, Satan is utilizing soulish power to express his supernatural abilities and make man as God. Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available. The soul itself is living, yet it cannot “What power do you want—what you may feel or what you cannot feel? Friends, all of the miraculous things in religion and science are manifestations of a person’s latent power and are utilized by the evil spirits.


Dec 05, Debra added it. What did they pray for? Somehow the cleverness is in the trick being made to seem real.

The Latent Power of the Soul

Through Miss Barber, Nee was introduced to many of the Christian writings which were to have a profound influence on him and his teachings. I thought it was great.

Just to add to my posting. Discusses the difference between the power of the soul and the spirit. He spent the last 20 years of his life in prison and was severely persecuted by the Communists in China.

May we not be those who perish powre lack of knowledge. The Power of Reframing Your Life. Satan Wants Yb Soul Power! In this schema man has no will whatsoever, and is just a puppet to be played with either by God or else the Devil. Specified Word Forms This option searches for exact matches of the specified words or phrases used in the search string.

In particular, the difference between hypnosis and a real prayer towards God. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.