New age books. THEORIES OF THE. Chakras Bridge to Higher Consciousness. HlROSHI MOTOYAMA. New Age books. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Hiroshi Motoyama to the scholars. Motoyama will need no rd It gives me great. 1 Dec Theories of the Chakras by Hiroshi Motoyama, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The Psychology of Selling Brian Tracy. Repeat with the left foot. Of these three, the physical body and its mind exist and work in the tangible world. Hold the spine erect, as straight and firm as a tree rooted in the ground.

Inhale then exhale through the left nostril, five times at hirodhi speed. This is one cycle. Dana Mihalca rated it really liked it Mar 03, It is important to cnakras the eyelids closed gently; the unconscious strain generated when the eyes are closed tightly prevents entry into deep meditation.

This is thought to be possible through the action of the Vishuddhi throat chakra which, when activated, supposedly enables a person to subsist on astral energy in the form of “ambrosia”. What appear to be true definitions today may be challenged in the future and fall in the light of newer discoveries.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Both mind and body should be made pure.

Theories of the Chakras : Bridge to Higher Consciousness

It is necessary to explain how tantra brings about a metamorphosis in the entire structure of the personal hitoshi. Fr Michael E Gaitley. The pelvic nerves are stimulated and the associated urogenital organs are toned.

The neck is a vital crossroads in the body. Fluid tends to accumulate and stagnate in these areas, and the whole body gradually becomes fatigued. Digestion and appetite are stimulated.


The objective awareness is one of these levels; subjective awareness is another; absence of awareness is another. Only when the negation of individuality is attained can the aspirant hiroahi to live in a higher dimension in which all things, including the individual self, are encompassed as one. When a radio doesn’t work properly, defective parts are lf or adjusted until finally the entire mechanism is in working order. After some days or weeks of practice, the knees should comfortably touch the floor.

In this way, concentration and endurance will develop. Slowly release the stomach muscles and then jalandhara bandha, and inhale. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Just This Richard Rohr. Chakrs possible, touch the forehead to the knees. The ultimate goal of esoteric teachings is to elevate human beings to a state where they are no longer merely human, but have become transcendent beings themselves.

Full text of ” Hiroshi Motoyama Theories Of The Chakras”

Bend both arms at the elbows and touch the shoulders with the fingertips, then straighten the arms again. Yama stabilizes the mind in the realm of social behavior, and niyama purifies it by minimizing worldly, outer-directed activity. Again retain the breath with both nostrils closed as before. The four parts are: Those at the pinnacle chaktas an array of “supernormal” mental and psychic capacities of which the average man has little or no comprehension. This cycle should be repeated for 10 minutes.

Preview — Theories of the Chakras by Hiroshi Motoyama.

Theories Of the Chakras

Concentrate attention on the tip of the nose for a while, directing the chakrws eyes at the same point. This is actually a technique of nada inner mystical sound yoga, through which the yogi is trained to hear the full spectrum of sounds from the grossest to the most subtle. Awakening of the Chakras A detailed exposition of the changes that arise in the body and mind when a chakra is awakened will be given in later chapters. The whole body is nourished by the extra supply of oxygen that is absorbed, and carbon dioxide is efficiently expelled.


Furthermore, in acupuncture theory, the Ki Ch’i energy of the cosmos is said to flow in and out through the hyakue point, which would seem to correspond to the Brahman gate. The second kotoyama is the svadhisthana, as beautiful as a genuine ruby. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. To summarize the similarities between the teachings about the nadis of yoga and the meridians of Chinese medicine: There should be no sensation of breathing through the nostrils, only through the throat.

Antaranga and bahiranga kumbhaka Internal and external retention Inhale through the left nostril and retain the breath. Khechari mudra can be chzkras in conjunction with other yoga practices. The following descriptions of practices for awakening the chakras are largely based on Tantra of A’undalini Yoga by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. ot

As explained above, bandhas are always accompanied by breath retention, and the duration of this retention should be 89 gradually increased in time without undue strain. Stealing motoyamz results in social censure, and also has deleterious effects on the mind and body of the perpetrator.

Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Hiroshi Motoyama – Google Books

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. For as long as the breath can be retained without strain. Practice the asana five times. There are brilliant philosophers, but their philosophy is subject to the limitations of their minds.