15 Dec Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Thiruppugazh – Vol Download Thiruppugazh – Vol 01 and. 27 Nov Thanks to Thiruppugazh group at OM MurugAshramam Chennai for rendering this song. The lyrics for the Thiruppugazh is given below.

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Murugan is described as being full of love and compassion. Arunagiri was not a born poet nor a devotee but rather started out in a different way of life and transformed himself into an erudite scholar and versatile poet. In secular poetry, the image of bees entering flowers symbolises the clandestine union of lovers, and the backdrop of thiruppuazh hills calls to mind the raw forces of nature.

The union which Arunagirinathar uses this to symbolise, however, is that of the soul with God, and the imagery specifically calls to mind the legend of Murugan’s wooing of Vallithe daughter of a Kurava chief.

Although music had always been an integral part of the Tamil hymns such as TevaramArunagirinathar was one of the first to set all his compositions to music in the style of “Santham”—setting the verses within a certain length to conform with rhythm thala.

He was saved by a stranger, who, according to legend, was Murugan himself.

Welcome to Thiruppugazh home

Tiruppugazh, composed by saint poet Arunagirinathar, is unique because it brings before us the image of Lord Muruga in full splendour and glory and bestows us the abounding grace of Muruga. Having been a student of Thiruppugazh for many years, I thought that by the excuse of a book, I can learn more lyrica hence this attempt. Guruji Raghavan set close to compositions to music in various Ragam and Taalam.

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He gave the message that God is not anywhere outside but within. The anthology is considered one of the central works of medieval Tamil literatureboth for its poetical and musical qualities, and for its religious, moral and philosophical content. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This appropriation of secular imagery to religious purposes is characteristic of the Thiruppugazh: Krishnan, a humble devotee.

Scholars hail Thiruppugazh both as a literary masterpiece and as a work of devotion. This article needs kyrics citations for verification.

The usage is not, however, straightforward. Arunagirinathar too came in the glorious lineage of Gurus with a view to remove the darkness and elevate humanity to the realization of the divinity within. Among many saints who guided humanity lyricx the path of perfection, Arunagirinathar occupies a unique position. Raghavan of New Delhi started a powerful Thiruppugazh movement in the s which spread across India and the world.

At the kyrics of each poem in the ThiruppugazhArunagirinathar gives the rhythm notations.

Thiruppugazh – Wikipedia

In another verse, he says: The worship of Murugan has strong roots in Tamil Nadu. These are the gifts of Muruga. Sri Sachidhananda Swamigal, a disciple of Saint Seshadri swamigal, took Thiruppugazh as the mission of his life and popularised them.

The Thiruppugazh makes extensive and deliberate use of the imagery associated with the five landscapes of classical akam poetry.


At each of these, he composed songs in praise of Murugan, which are collected together in the Thiruppugazh. Whereas akam poetry uses the imagery in the context of secular, sensuous lovethe Thiruppugazh uses the same imagery in the context of the longing of the individual for God. Subramaniam Pillai lyricx Tiruthani. His songs not only sparks the flame of devotion in the minds of people but also the light of knowledge in the intellect.


Arunagiri’s poems can be enjoyed for their literary value as well thiruppuagzh for their devotional.

I have done the commentary purely from the point of view of a seeker or a student. The Thiruppugazh, in contrast, was written in a form of Tamil that was quite different from pure classical Tamil.

He showed the way to the life of virtue and righteousness. Its metrestoo, are more thirupugazh rhythmical than the stylised classical metres [ citation needed ]. Thiruppugazh is panacea for all ills. It is a powerful and effective Mantra because tuiruppugazh verse of it contains lyriics divine sanction of Lord Muruga,” says V. Arunagirinathar utilises certain repetitive phrases to achieve movement and colour in his poems. Thiuruppugazh gives him the nectar by which he does not have to come back to this world of sorrows, the nectar by which he attains immortality Amritam Gamaya.

By combining the Tamil hard or soft consonants and long or short vowels in different ways, Arunagirinathar produces hundreds of compound rhythmic words such as, tattataattatanthathaanthathaiyathannathaanathananaetc.