Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content and Multimedia (Japanese) unknown Edition by unknown () [aa] on Amazon. com. 21 Feb I finally finished my Tobira textbook last week (more than a year after purchasing it OTL), so as promised, here is a post regarding my. The “Tobira” textbook combines the practice of all four language skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) and is designed for use by students who have.

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After you worked through and internalized this workbook carefully, your skills will have improved noticeably.

Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese- Textbook- learning thought content and multimedia

English translation is provided to the grammar notes and vocabulary lists. August 28, at 8: You can see on the little disclaimer on the front of the book that Tobira aims to distinguish itself from other textbooks by taking a multimedia approach to learning.

All creators should be remunerated for their works, and I apologise for the callousness of these comments. I have also heard good things about Authentic Japanese: March 3, at 7: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Contents Textboko book has 15 chapters.


Lerne Hiragana und Katakana. Reading, dialogs, conversations and vocabularies from the book are all available as audio material as well.

Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese- Textbook- learning thought content and multimedia

Hi there, thanks for your comment and apologies for the slow reply! Japanische Schreibwaren Zum Verlieben T esp when coupled with unengaging professors…. Preparation for The Japanese Language Proficiency.

The language notes are particularly important because you want to use this book to transition to a more advanced level right? These are a mix of formal and informal language. March 19, at 7: Japanische Literatur auf Englisch. As you can see, the book covers a textboko range of topics.

Comprehension Questions Test your understanding of the dialogues and reading passages here.

September 7, at Schreiben Sie eine Gobira. What makes this book unique is that you can learn Japanese using multimedia besides the textbook. March 7, at My photos of the contents page turned out a bit crappy and unclear, so I will just list the topics here instead: Lesezeichen mit japanischen Motiven. As with the reading passages, you can listen to them if you download the tracks from the Tobira site. Hmm…well it depends on your Japanese learning goals.


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These are a nice touch, with interesting points on nuance or further cultural knowledge. Its grammar is very thorough and would still be relevant to learning Japanese in general.

The book also has 17 sections dedicated to language notes and 10 notes on culture. Point 2 follows from point 1. No products Es muss bestimmt werden Versand.


March 20, at 2: It takes a lot of time and effort to produce textbooks that work for the reader. Have you looked at the Kanji and Grammar books? So this is where the Tobira website comes in. February 22, at 2: Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced.

Dialogue There are usually dialogues per chapter. There are kanji readings at the bottom of each page if you need, and a vocab list if you need on the next page.