Uniform-Building-by-Law (UBBL).pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online for free. Uniform Building By-Laws UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS. ARRANGEMENT OF BY-LAWS. PART I. PRELIMINARY. By-law. 1. Citation. 1 Mar I found this copy of Malay edition of Uniform Building By-Law online at Malaysia’s Fire and Rescue Department ().

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Lighting 194 ventilation of staircases. Category designation for fire penetration and spread of flame on roof surface. Certificate of fitness for occupation. Fences and boundary walls. Heights of rooms in buildings. Exit doors shall close automaticaily when released and all door devices including magnetic door holders, shall release the doors upon power failure or actuation of the fire alarm. We need your help to maintenance this website.

Underground structures and windowless buildings to have foam inlets. Vehicle barriers for car parks. Egress through unenclosed openings.

Royal Customs and Excise Department of Malaysia. Exemption from by-law Fire resistance for walls.

Books Kinokuniya: UNIFORM BUILDING BY LAWS / ()

Open spaces to be provided. Installation and testing of dry rising system. Natural lighting and ventilation. Places of public resorts. Automatic system for hazardous occupancy. Open spaces not to be altered or roofed. Ventilation of stai”case enclosures in buildings exceedings 18 metres.

Marking on wet riser, etc. AJi building irl excess of cubic metres shall abut upon a street or road or open space of not less than 12 metres width and acce! Height of rooms in residential buildings, shophouses, schools, etc. Withdrawal or change of qualified person.


The following areas or uses shall be separated from the other areas. Power of local authority to reject structural plans and calculations. Reduction in total imposed floor loads.

Timbers built into party walls. Cancellaiion of temporary permit.

Uniform-Building-by-Law (UBBL).pdf – Free Download PDF

Half hour and one hour doors. You might ask why I like to get all this information in softcopy whether in pdf format. A half past six one feel the other way round.

We have taken every precaution possible in this publication, from selection of the paper to checking of the manuscript to ubbll that it is ofthe highest possible quality. Partial certificate of fitness for occupation.


Classification of restriction of flame over surfaces of walls and ceilings. Emergency mode of operation in the event of mains power failure. Command and control centre. Means of egress shall be measured in units of exits width of W”osed to the external air; or b one or more panels of such plastic materials as are permitted by paragraph 2 if the upper and lower surfaces of any part of the ceiling which is not formed by a panel of plastic material and the surfaces of all other parts of the structure which enclose the space over the ceiling are of a class not lower than that prescribed in the Eight Schedule to these By”laws for the hbbl of such a room or circulation space.


Use of timber staircases. So you gotta double click it to open. Roofs coverings and drainage. The following ubbo and floors in buildings shall be constructed as compartment walls or compartment floors: National Institute of Public Administration!

The staircases need be ubb, wide enough t serve each floor but not less than the ubb Where unenclosed openings are permitted between floors and for a mezzanine floor, egress may be by way of an open staircase to an adjacent floor and thence to a story exit: Rising mains to be installed progressively. Protected shafts as ventilating duct. Commencement of building operation. These By-laws may be cited as the Uniform Building By-laws c.

Separation of fire risk areas. A surveyor in the world of many other surveyor.

Space about buildings on Jots abutting a street and having no backlane. Land Uhbl – Premium. Can you advise me of where to do that? All the links are not working for me.

Smoke vents to be openable by Fire Authority. Protection against soil erosion, etc.