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The switch power supply circuit is characterized by uc22843 a current feedback circuit and a voltage feedback circuit, wherein the voltage feedback circuit is used for detecting output voltage of the voltage output circuit and feeding back to a voltage feedback pin VFB of the UC chip circuit, so as to control the pulse duty factor of the PWM control circuit; under the action of the current feedback circuit and the voltage feedback circuit, stable voltage can be output from the voltage output circuit.


Power converter with compensation circuit for adjusting output current provided to a constant load. The switch power supply circuit comprises a UC chip circuit, a PWM control circuit, a voltage transformation circuit and a voltage output circuit.

Switch controller, switch control method, converter using the same, and driving method thereof. A switch voltage regulation circuit and method with a frequency limiting function.

Ripple generation in buck regulator using fixed on-time control to enable the use of output capacitor having any ESR. According to yc2843 switch power supply circuit based on UC, output voltage feedback of voltage type control can be set up, current feedback of an inductance coil is increased, and the current feedback is taken as slope parameters of a PWM control convertor, so that a sawtooth generator is not needed, the system response speed is rapid, the linear adjusting rate is high in precision, and the requirement of high precision of voltage-stabilized power supply can be easily met.


CN CNA en CN CNA en. I bow VFB pin UC chip circuit and via the parallel circuit of resistor R6 and capacitor C9 connected to a power supply consisting of ground, to realize voltage feedback.

Primary side feedback FB switching power supply controller and switching power supply system. Constant current and voltage controller in a three-pin package operating in critical conduction mode. Power supply circuit with a control terminal for different functional modes of operation. The invention discloses a switch power supply circuit based on UC