16 Apr Maa VARAHI – Jai Maa Vaaraahi Varahi Vaarahi is one of the Saivite Eliminates the “evil eyes” (also known as Drushti in Tamil and Nazar in Hindi). 2. This is a very powerul Mantra and should be received from a Guru. Mantra, Om hreem varahi Om. Mount, Buffalo. Consort, Varaha (as shakti). Varahi (Sanskrit: वाराही, Vārāhī) is one of the Matrikas, a group of seven mother goddesses . to Varahi include Varahi Anugrahashtakam, for her blessing, and Varahi Nigrahashtakam, for destruction of enemies; both are composed in Tamil.

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In the SarvatathagatatattvasamgarahaVarahi is described initially as a Shaiva sarvamatr “all-mother” located in hellwho is converted to the Buddhist mandala by Vajrapaniassuming the name Vajramukhi “vajra-face”. Retrieved 22 January Caused by breaking mantar hearts of my enemies by your fierce and upturned face.

For the village in Gujarat, see Varahi, Gujarat. The goddess is decorated with different types of alankaram s ornaments every day. Who controls the span of life of all men.

Bhooya devi virodhino mama cha they sreya pada sangina.

Eliminates the “evil eyes” also known as Drushti in Tamil and Nazar in Hindi. Mother Vaarahi protects all devotees who turn to Her for Her grace and blessings.

Chandothunda vidheerna dushta hrudaya prad binna raktha cchata. This is a very powerul Mantra and should be received from a Guru.

Mantra Power: Remove Negativity

Pradhur bhootha nrusamsa bhava malinam, vruthim vidathe mayi. Varaha moorthirakhilartha kari thwameva. In the context of the Matrikas’ association to the Sanskrit alphabet, Varahi is said to govern the pa varga of consonants, namely pa, pha, ba, bha, ma. She holds a staff and drinking skull-cup kapala.

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The Matsya Purana tells a different story of the origin of Varahi. Thamambha thaptha kanakojjwala kanthi mantha. Eesopyameeswara padam sampaithi thadruk. Who is the devotee of your lotus like feet. According to Elizabeth English, Varahi enters the Buddhist pantheon through the yogatantras.


Varahi is worshipped by ShaivasVaishnavas and Shaktas. In Gujaratthere is a Varahi temple in a village named Dadhana where the goddess is venerated as the Gotra -devi of a surname “Dadhaniya” Another temple in Gujarat is located in Talaja town of Bhavnagar district where idol of goddess was brought from hathasani village near palitana The idol varaih goddess was found by digging in shetrunji river in that area.

Vajravarahi ” vajra -hog” or Buddhist Varahithe most common form of the Buddhist goddess Vajrayogini, originated from the Hindu Varahi. Moreover, Varahi holds a staff and rides a mantrs, both of which are attributes of Yama; all Matrikas are described as assuming the form of their creator-gods.

Varahi Moola Manthram | Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam’s Blog

Accompanied by horrifying shouts which. Varahi, ,antra with Varttali another form of Varahiappears as the hog-faced attendant of Marichiwho also has a sow face — which may be an effect of the Hindu Varahi.

The other prayer to Mother Varahi for protection from our enemies is called Varahi Nigrahashtakam.

These practices are observed in the Kalaratri temple on the bank of the Gangesvadahi worship is offered to Varahi only in the night; the shrine is closed during the day. Kritantatanu means “death personified” and could be an attribute of Varaha or a direct reference to Yamathe god of death.

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mantda Hindu boar-headed mother goddess. Yadhapya anwitha daisikangri kamalanukrosa pathrasya may. And also pray that all the fame should come to me. During the new moon day homam, there are references to this Goddess. The Rupamandana says she carries a ghanta bella chamara a yak’s taila chakra discus and a gada mace.

By drinking the alcohol of their constant spurt of blood. In the Raktabija episode, Varahi is described as having a boar form, fighting demons with her tusks while seated on a preta corpse. Chethonathou mama sada prathibimbitha thwam.

Thallesa langitha bhavambu nidheeya thoyam. Add to Spiritual Diary. She is an extremely powerful Goddess and bestows the following on those who worship Her with sincerity and devotion. In Nepalshe is called Barahi. Should become extremely sad, beaten by your very dangerous iron plough. That is the only Varahi Amman temple in the Malaysia. Jayaparthiban Lakshmi Parthasaarathy March 31, at This consort is depicted in a human form.

Varahi is sow-faced and ten-armed. Matharmath paripandhi namapahruthai, varagi. Parsurama Kalpasutra explicitly states that the time of mantraa is the middle of the night. Devotees usually sacrifice male animals to the goddess on Saturdays.