Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun, Russian: Влади́мир Богда́нович Резу́н, born April 20, , , he served in the Volga Military District Headquarters, and later with the th Independent Army Reconnaissance Company (Spetsnaz). Viktor Suvorov is a Soviet army officer who has defected to the West. Here is the full story of the Spetsnaz forces, the Soviet army’s secret killer elite–fromons. Viktor Suvorov. Spetsnaz. The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces . Spetsnaz is one of the forms of Soviet military razvedka which occupies a place.

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It has even less to lose on the eve of war. Controlled by military intelligence the GRUspetsnaz units are recruited from the ranks of the toughest officers and men in the Soviet Army, the cutting edge of Soviety military might.

At hours on 13 August the second wave of spetsnaz forces is dropped from Aeroflot aircraft operating at very low heights with heavy fighter cover.

The President will be in an underground, or airborne, command post, somewhere extremely inaccessible spetsnz extremely well guarded.

The author also describes the special concealment and deception techniques adopted by Spetsnaz to survive in extremely unfavorable conditions. I am not going to review the book nor not going to talk about the viltor. The answer is that, surprisingly, it is not. The rubber monster was hauled up and swayed about in the wind.

Viktor Suvorov

The helicopter is only slightly damaged and the crew succeed in bringing it down again safely. It’s going to be detailed, concise, complete, and almost pedantic in its attention to detail. He always keeps a stock of bottled mineral water, tinned fish, meat and vegetables. Mines must be laid at the approaches to the building. There’s a tendency among westerners — especially armchair generals with no military experience like me — to blindly accept our own assumptions founded in western military doctrine and political assumptions.

With a spetsnaz presence in Baluchistan, the Politburo could be reaching very close to the main oil artery of the world, to the Arab countries, to Eastern and Southern Africa, to Australia and South-east Asia: At the time of his defection, Vladimir Rezun was married to Tatiana Korzh. Jerome Corsi uncovers the secret conspiracy to destroy the Trump presidency and what Trump must do now to prevail. According to Suvorov, this made Stalin the primary winner of World War II, even though Stalin was not satisfied by the outcome, as he intended to bring Soviet domination to the whole continent of Europe.


The brigade’s job is to destroy the important American, West German and French headquarters, lines of communication, aircraft on the ground and anti-aircraft defences. The Vice-President appeals to everyone in the armed forces to remain where they are and not to carry out any orders from senior officers for the next twenty-four hours, because the orders would be issued by traitors shortly to be removed from their posts and arrested.

The group commander knows that the four neighbouring groups which are taking part in the attack are nearby and are doing the same. He also indicates that during operations group mobility is paramount. Regardless, this is a good starting place for those looking to learn about a fighting force often used in Hollywood but is rarely spoken of in non-fiction.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Nobody tells them the cost of the lives they cut off every day. It may not even need a third world war for the Soviet Union to occupy Baluchistan. This is the reason i love the Russians. Page 1 1 Start over Page 1 1. Stalin used to go to Lubyanka prison to shoot prisoners between ballet breaks from Bolshoi theater!!!! After landing the group the little fishing vessel, still without lights or radio, puts out into the open sea.

Two trains collide on a railway bridge in Cologne because the signalling system is out of order. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

A large part of the company is made up of women.

Spetsnaz by Viktor Suvorov

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It is controlled by radio with the aid of very simple instruments, only slightly more complicated than those used by model aircraft enthusiasts. These are some examples of hiding places prepared by spetsnaz agents. But the place must be very well studied and prepared in advance. Another win for Viktor Suvorov.

One ‘Red Army’ must have modern weapons and an unlimited supply of ammunition, another one will do better with old weapons and a limited supply of ammunition.

And so it goes on, all over the world.

The huge gorilla surveyed Manhattan triumphantly from a dizzy height. When I was in Odessa most of the people under training were intended for work in black Africa.


He only knows that someone has the keys to the garage and that that person can at any moment come and take the van along with the aircraft. This is the first comprehensive insight for the West into a Soviet “army within an army” whose existence has been known until recently only to a few highly placed people–most of whom would deny it.

Those roads lie in Sweden. With GRU money a pensioner who is actually a spetsnaz agent buys a house on the outskirts of a town, and close to a big forest.

About the Author Viktor Suvorov is a Russian writer and a former Soviet military intelligence officer. I had grossly underestimated this difference, particularly in their selection wpetsnaz into their Special Forces. The sailors quickly aim the weapon at the gigantic spheres and fire. A man who is recruited as an agent to back up a commando group very rarely realises what will happen to him afterwards.

Spetsnaz: Story Behind the Soviet S.A.S.: Viktor Suvorov: : Books

You’ll get much more on why and how spetsnaz is deployed, rather than gee-whiz accounts of all the capitalists they’ve impaled on shovels. Spetsnaz by Viktor Suvorov. In this chapter I shall describe how spetsnaz will be used at the beginning of that war as I imagine it. The only outsiders who could see them were the Soviet students and then only through the barbed wire.

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This is the first comprehensive insight for the West into a Soviet “army within an army” whose existence has been known until recently only to a few highly placed people–most of whom would deny it. But those are the most important hours and minutes — the very last hours and minutes of peace. In the Panama Canal the Varna, a Bulgarian freighter loaded with heavy containers, rams the lock gates by mistake.

I learnt later that the gorilla was a rubber one, that it had been decided to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the showing of the first film about King Kong by creating a gigantic inflatable model of the beast and placing it high above New York.